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  1. S

    M2R 125cc Clutch problem

    So I recently got a brand new m2r 125cc pit bike and at first pulling the clutch lever didn't engage the clutch, after a few adjustments (to the lever and clutch cable) I managed to get the clutch to work. However it seems like pulling the lever doesn't actually fully engage the clutch. When the...
  2. S

    Lei Moto XK90cc

    I have a lei moto xk 90cc and can't select neutral is there a adjustment for them.
  3. KnoxJager23

    stock shock rebound adjustment

    Hi all out there. I own a 2013 TDR Pro 125 and i know how to adjust the preload and sag with the two rings near the top. I am completely clueless how to adjust the rebound because there is no screw except for the tyre valve underneath the nitrogen reservoir. From all previous forums it seems...
  4. tomy251

    My 88 Carby Help PLEASE So I Can Get Riding!!!

    Hey guys. WELL...Ive got my 2006 Honda CRF 88 with the Takegawa Hyper S-Stage 88cc Bore Kit with the Stock Head and a FiveO Podium Pipe. Recently bought a TB 20mm Carb NEW but Im having trouble getting the engine running well... Been fiddling around with the Air and Fuel Screw and also...