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  1. Chops

    Decent wheel bearings? dhz outlaw 160

    Is the best thing to do, go to a bearing shop with an old bearing and replace with a japanese equiliveant? Cant find any on any websites. And the seals, are these readily available?
  2. Rizzo97

    Cause of bent axle?

    What causes a bent axle? Was doin 6ft+ jumps but usealy it handles them no worries.. Berings are getting chewed up and spit out every ride.. Could a bad bearing or loose bearing cause it to bend? Is a 15mm axle and my brother was hitting the same with a 12mm axle witch is fine still
  3. Rizzo97

    Wheel bearings have spun in hub and chewed it out

    Bearings! Need help One of the bearings in my back wheel keeps comin loose. I have tried using a centerpunch to make it grip the bearing but it dosnt last very long.. Tried again with and put some black silicone on it inside we're the centerpunch holes are haven't tried that yet but il be...
  4. D

    Is this cylinder wall okay?

    Hi guys, I think this is in the right section, please excuse if it's not. I'm still learning the ropes and I wasn't sure if this amount of scoring is something to be worried about? I'm kinda getting the worst of it in these pics, everywhere else seems quite nice in comparison. the crap...
  5. fusedminis

    Wheel Bearings

    I have a front wheel which I want to use on my build and it came with bearings to suit a 12mm axle. Seeing that my 15mm axles wont fit I took the bearings out and am now searching for some new ones. Problem is the OD is 37mm. So I need some bearing with a 15mm ID and 37mm OD. The only...