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  1. motorman Race Team first practice

    Had a wicked pratice on Saturday with Chris, Zach and Dyllan out at Kosta's private track. Got a couple of pics to share. Had a few bike issues. YX LXR broke the kick starter shaft 3rd kick off day. lol :( Other LXR had rear sprocket issues and flats all round. Glad all this happened before...
  2. TunZoFun

    New to forum, Greetings

    Hi peoples, My name is Dane, i'm a butcher, bike rider and metalhead \m/ after having my genuine thumpstar stolen years ago (western sydney) i never thought i'd get another one until i scored myself a 2007 Terra-Moto Pro recently for $400, fully serviced. then i scored a 2010 DHZ 160r outlaw...
  3. motorman

    Victorian Mini MX Championships 2015

    Well some of the rounds have come out for this year. Looks like it may be a 7 round series this year which is great. For the first time Miniriders will be running a team along with sponsoring the B Grade. Team members are: Chris Bedford - A Grade Zach - B Grade Dylan Hooper - B Grade...
  4. Y

    2002 kawasaki 110 143cc big bore kit

    So i had my bike sitting for YEARS!!!! Just Got it running but only runs on reserve and choke open all the way , i was told it may need a filter thats in the gas tank. I know little of these bikes as you can tell . I just got a 143cc big bore kit and have no idea where to start . If you guys...
  5. Hillz

    KLX 57mm big valve piston

    WANTED: 57mm KLX110 piston with the big valve cut outs CONDITION: NEW or USED in good con PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $0 - 100 LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: every thing is awesome! CONTACT: Emett
  6. nicko451

    50% Mini SX Twilight 2 - Helmet Cam

    Heres a vid of me riding like a little girl haha Great event but i was a bit rusty after a year off the bike. Big ups to Chris Gay and everyone for making these events happen!
  7. phwoah

    v2 head and 188cc big bore

    ITEM: v2 head, 188cc big bore and pro circuit exhaust CONDITION: used but excellent condition REASON FOR SELLING: no longer needed PRICE AND CONDITIONS: $500 or $600 with 28mm oko flat slide carby and race cdi EXTRA INFO: <insert text here> LOCATION: hobart tasmania will post aus...
  8. R

    Opinions on this bike?

    Hi members. Im looking at getting a new bike I normally ride a friends KX85II 2012 and love it so i decided to get one. I only have a budget of a 1000 or a little more. Been looking at the assassin 125cc big wheel...
  9. T

    buying a bike?

    ok so, i was looking at buying a bike, hence the other thread about the orion, anyway i continued looking and found a 200cc yamoto four stroke, i wanted to know what everyones opinion was on this bike and also if i was too big for a bike of this size i weigh 100kg and im 190ish cm tall...
  10. T

    orion 250cc

    ok so im new here and dont know where to put this im looking at buying a orion 250, i would like some info on them what they are like and how they handle and stuff, this will be my first "big" bike, im 6''4' and weigh about 105kg but am too scared to get a 450 thanks
  11. irvss

    How to make 125cc big wheeel ??

    Hey guys, i have a 125cc standard wheel 14" front, 12" rear, and i wanted to make it big wheel, 17" front , 14" rear, i was just wondering if it is at all possbile. Cheers
  12. Matt_08

    The New atomik 150

    Hey guys, i was just looking round on Ebay and i saw this new pitty by atomik. Looks pretty decent and very much like the pitpro140xr. Just wanted to see what you think. Heres a link to it - NEW 2008 REIGN 150cc PIT DIRT BIKE MOTOR THUMPSTAR - eBay Other Trail Bikes, Trail Bikes, Motorcycles...