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  1. T

    12" motard rim issue

    I have a 125cc with 14" front and 12" rear and wanted to put a 12" rim on the front, but I was told a 12" won't go on, I would have to change the front end. Any info on this would be great.
  2. D

    Hope I don't sound stupid asking this question

    I am wondering what I need to do to my bike to extend my revs out when I'm riding as they don't seem to rev out very much, I ride a pitster pro x4r 160cc,if I change my sprocket will it improve anything or no point,just needing advice please
  3. R

    Can i run this fuel?

    Hi all got another question, Wanted to know if you can run premium 98 or 95 octane also can you use shell v power in your pit bike. Also during break in do you recommend using 91 or what. also should I change the oil straight away even before running it or break it in then change. Your thoughts...
  4. Jonte

    yx150cc crankshaft to yx140cc block

    Is it possible to fit YX150CC (1p56fmj-5) crankshaft to YX140CC (1p56fmj) block that i don't have to change anything else, than just clutch cover? :b_grind:
  5. L

    1984 z50r advice on lifan 125

    I have had this bike for over 15 years and would like to put in a lifan 125. Any suggestions or advice on what else I will need to change when doing this? Thank you in advance
  6. Clinton3

    Oil Filter

    Hey guys, I just put the first 3 hours on the new top end of my YZ250F 2002 only to discover that it had no oil filter installed. Would this have done damage? I've noticed a lot of minis have no oil filter at all. What makes minis different from big bikes when it comes to the need to...
  7. D

    Right Way to Check Oil level

    YouTube - ‪XR100 & CRF100 - The RIGHT way to Quickly check the oil level‬‏ The Right way to check oil level. Motul 300V oil makes power on the Dyno and it runs cooler .
  8. P

    How To: Change Your Brake Pads (Video)