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  1. E

    Moto Injurys!

  2. S

    What was the first bike in your family?

    So I thought I would go through some history with you guys cause. My story pretty much is I wasnt allowed to own motorbikes as a kid, now im old and crusty I can. My Grandpa on mums side bought one of these beasts in 1929 (took a year back then for the new models to make it here on a ship)....I...
  3. rotn50

    Hate flat tyres? I love em.

    So went riding the other day and after organising and all the other crap getting prepped i was ready no matter what, got a flat tyre(rear) early in and i was pissed and was determined to kill something so bugger it i kept riding, riding on a flat rear is a must if you like some hair raising...
  4. rotn50

    crash and quick pop of the shoulder

    Took the bike for a spin again to try another jet setup in the 28mm koso, went from a 36 idle to 40 and made the bike run junk again at lower revs so ive got a 38 on the way to try, everything was good going, got nearly to the top and i dont know what happened but i think the front wheel came...
  5. dynamicgs

    Nice Stack from 2010 MiniMoto...

    Check out the stack at 2:30!.... M_3ecpZMVes&feature=player_detailpage#t=149s
  6. dynamicgs

    This is what happens when you Jump and Atomik....

    Went to Parklands @ Kenilworth for a quiet weekday ride... Spent the day on the smaller Big bike track... Slowly built up all day and was clearing all the jumps, Feeling confident with no sketchy landings or anything, but didnt really consider the bike may implode on me on the take off of a...
  7. simply

    Isle of Man Pit Bike Supermoto

    Video of our pitbike supermoto racing Please feel free to comment. If you like this video you can find many more on my channel @ ‪simplysystems's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
  8. Barnesd09

    Just for fun

    He did it and got away!:duhman: