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  1. Luke918273

    48mm top fork triple clamp

    Just wondering if anyone knows where to acquire a top triple clamp that is 48mm not 45mm (as my forks are 48mm both on top and bottom clamp)
  2. TunZoFun

    New to forum, Greetings

    Hi peoples, My name is Dane, i'm a butcher, bike rider and metalhead \m/ after having my genuine thumpstar stolen years ago (western sydney) i never thought i'd get another one until i scored myself a 2007 Terra-Moto Pro recently for $400, fully serviced. then i scored a 2010 DHZ 160r outlaw...
  3. china911

    dhz 110 lowering rear

    one of the kids has out grown the pw 50 and l want to put them on the dhz. Still a little tall. It currently runs a 280 mm length . lm looking at something cheap and 240mm. or less if they exist. Cheap means no rebound adjust. DHZ has a DNM 240 with rebound for $90 odd dollars. Are they...
  4. 9

    fastace shock ?

    Fastace BFA01AR Rear Shock Absorber Gas 280 mm Dirt Bike BS35AR | eBay is this shock ok my standard one is stuffed so need a new one dont want to spend heaps
  5. brettLo

    Adding extra fork oil

    Hey guys , Awhile ago I changed my fork oil. And would like to "top" them up a little to try get them a little firmer. Is there a way to do this without removing the forks again etc ? For example, would I just remove the caps on the top of the fork and add say 20ML to each leg ? Or is there...
  6. S

    Atomik fuse with Daytona 150 engine heavy mods CHEAP

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Atomik Fuse With a daytona 150cc engine. Here is a list of the part that are on the bike. Engine: Daytona 150cc engine with a keihin PE28, Suspension: Marzocchi shiver Front forks, DNM 320mm Full adjustable in compression and rebound. Frame: Standard Atomik fuse...
  7. Carlts

    Tommys Linkage 160cc Build

    Hey guys, Starting a thread on behalf of my brother and his current build. Got a PSTO tl140 roller for a decent price here in Brissy and it pretty much went from there: Brought the roller home, and ripped her apart straight away: Parts that we are gonna keep were cleaned up...
  8. R

    Suspension Upgrade

    I just bought the 2011 model 160cc Atomik Reign Bigfoot. I am going to replace to stock forks, shocks and handlebars too give it some extra strength. I am looking at Pro Taper bars and DNM suspension, but dont know exactly what to go for? Any suggestions? What other upgrades would you guys...
  9. sam93

    What forks to buy?

    Hey miniriders, I am currently riding with USD forks from an Atomik Nitrous which are okay but need something more adjustable and better all around. Im only spending around $300 so below is a list that i can choose from, what is the best? pros? cons? Forks: -Marzookie replicas (Duel...
  10. T

    DNM vs GPX forks

    Hi All Does anyone know much about the DNM hornet forks with a 48mm fork diameter? I found them on TBolt USA - Pit Bikes, Pitster Pro, SSR, G2 Moto, Honda 50 Engines also can anyone tell me if the DNM are better or worse than the GPX blacklabel fork from DHZ? Please email me at...