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  1. L

    Parts Wanted 1983 Suzuki DS80 PARTS

    Hi guys really having a hard time finding a stator or any of the electrical parts for my 83 Suzuki ds80. Can anyone recommend anywhere to buy these parts and other possible performance mods, like sprocket kit, FMF pipe excetera. Thank you
  2. J

    DS80 Crank Seal Question

    Hey guys. I picked up a 97 DS80 a couple months ago. It was in rough shape. Had obvious signs of clutch side crank seal leakage. This bike is for my daughter. Trying to get her onto riding like I did. I went ahead and replaced every seal, bearing, gasket, etc since I was splitting the case...
  3. T

    DS 80 mod questions

    Hi all, rather than hijacking the DS 80 build thread I thought I would post one of my own, I have an 88 DS 80 that I want to mod, firstly by adding a 24 mm flat-slide carb Is this a good idea? Will it be better than stock? Is there an existing manifold that will accept the 24 mm flatslide...
  4. Dabomb

    Suzuki DS80 Build Up!

    Fellas, Acquired me a 1985 Suzuki DS80 in the weekend (fo free :)), its a bit rough but its about to get a big birthday! Long live the 2 banger smokers.