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  1. J

    DS80 Crank Seal Question

    Hey guys. I picked up a 97 DS80 a couple months ago. It was in rough shape. Had obvious signs of clutch side crank seal leakage. This bike is for my daughter. Trying to get her onto riding like I did. I went ahead and replaced every seal, bearing, gasket, etc since I was splitting the case...
  2. T

    DS 80 mod questions

    Hi all, rather than hijacking the DS 80 build thread I thought I would post one of my own, I have an 88 DS 80 that I want to mod, firstly by adding a 24 mm flat-slide carb Is this a good idea? Will it be better than stock? Is there an existing manifold that will accept the 24 mm flatslide...
  3. Dabomb

    Suzuki DS80 Build Up!

    Fellas, Acquired me a 1985 Suzuki DS80 in the weekend (fo free :)), its a bit rough but its about to get a big birthday! Long live the 2 banger smokers.