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  1. S

    Lifan 150cc with 140 Lifan CDI and stator plate (Full wiring)

    I had a 140cc Lifan, which locked up, destroyed the crankshaft, cylinder and piston. I bought a used 150cc lifan, which didnt have a stator plate, magneto and carb. I used my 140cc carb, stator plate, magneto and whole wiring with CDI. Now the problem is as follows. When I try to start the...
  2. G

    Help needed! extreme bogging and terrible performance :(

    Hello, I've got a Kinroad XT50GY, it's a road bike, but the engine is from a Chinese pit bike, it's a 50cc horizontal engine with 4 gears and a manual clutch. P.S. I'm not good with 4 strokes, this is my first 4 stroke bike, and i wan't to learn how to diagnose and fix 4 strokes as well. And i'm...
  3. motoluver

    Motovert engine conversion, YX150 into RX125

    Ive got a rx125 and its time to upgrade the motor. I like the yx150cc with the electric start and lighting coil from factory and i know a lot of people have fitted these. But i have also had problems trying to fit these in the past...
  4. china911

    oset electric v yamaha ttr 90

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_w2SgczHAw Petrol sux bring on some coal
  5. B

    Electric starter problems on Pitsterpro mx110

    Hi guys & gals, just bought a pitster pro mx110 for my son, it's only 6 weeks old and the electric starter has crapped itself, I've checked battery, fuse and wireing and all seem fine, the starter itself works fine if I put direct power to it, any ideas would be much appreciated, I'm not the...

    My Electric Turbo Crf50

  7. Tryggvi

    Possible electric start?

    Hi, i mostly watch threads instead of making them so i might do something wrong anyway i have a 125cc terra moto krusha and it has a starting motor and all the wires but not a battery i was wondering if it's just that simple that i need to buy a battery but just to be sure i took some pictures...
  8. 1trick

    daytona CDI ?

    hey guys i wana get my hands on a daytona CDI for my motorvert 160 R . does any body know which one to actually get i got a site here for daytona parts. but i cant tell arthur from martha ? any help would be fantastic , thanks guys CDI - - Daytona Motorcycle Parts
  9. L

    Electric Pit bikes?

    Hey MR. I've been doing some research and found some company called Zero that make pretty advanced electric MX bikes. I was wondering if there are any brands of electric pit bike (crf50 style) out there. Im not looking for a childs toy that tops 20km/ph but something more powerful (like...