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  1. C

    Hot Rod? mini bike for sale

    Baja Mini bike modified. Practically new condition. Engine is the Briggs & Stratton Formula Racing Engine for the world class go kart racing division - 13.7HP 7100RPM. Equipped with a comet TAV Torque Converter. Has extra front wheel with brake and brake mount (so you can have brakes front and...
  2. gottagetacheaperhobby

    WTB axle suit FastAce AS02's

    WANTED: front axle to suit fast ace forks CONDITION: not bent, besides that i dont care PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: you tell me what you want for it, i'd rather not pay 60 odd bucks on ebay ;) LOCATION: anywhere if you will post to tas EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: here or pm
  3. my67xr

    for sale 2001 Honda XR400 R

    ITEM AND CONDITION: selling this on behalf of a good mate, HONDA XR400R, 7-2001 good used condition Recent new Michelin DOT Tyres Recent DID chain Recent Renthal Handlebars regularly serviced, valve adjusted, spark plug, air filter, oil etc currently not registered, but walk in rego...
  4. P

    daytona 190

    What do people think about the 190 pro's and con's? And has anyone had or heard of any problems with them?
  5. TomaszBurcon

    Need this to mow the track

    <iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>