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  1. U

    please don't hurt me, Noob questions!

    Hey everyone! My names Matt and I hope to be on this forum for many years to come Basically got a couple of questions. I bought one of those $200 mini moto's off eBay that have those flames. You probably know the one. I got it on an ebay auction brand new for $162.50 Question 1)...
  2. M

    Looking to buy my first pit bike.

    Hey guys of! Just joined like 5 mins go! But as you may know from the title, I'm looking for my first pit bike. I'm new to the sport, and know nothing about pit bikes, just that theyre pretty much kids bikes with suped up engines made for mucking around on trails and stuff. So...
  3. Hock

    Paddock Bike

    Hey, wanting to buy my first bike to ride around the paddock, not going to race it. looking at DHZ dpro 160 or the atomik nitrous 150?
  4. ajaay

    first bike need help :)

    looking to get my first bike :) dont have much experience as im only 15 hey guys iv been looking at a few bike and i found a 2009 dhz heres the specs let me know what u think ALLOY KICKSARTER BILLET CLUTCH LEVER payed $80 NEAR NEW REAR KENDA TYRE DNM SHOCK PAYED $180 1 YEAR AGO...
  5. C

    First mini dirt bike - KXD 50 - Yamaha Blue

    I have just turned 14 and I am thinking about getting this as my first dirt bike. Here are the specs: # Brand New Frame Design # KTM Style Plastics # Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber # Upside Front Forks # Extended Rear Swinging Arm # New Design Big Bore Exhaust System # 3M Graphics...