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  1. TunZoFun

    New to forum, Greetings

    Hi peoples, My name is Dane, i'm a butcher, bike rider and metalhead \m/ after having my genuine thumpstar stolen years ago (western sydney) i never thought i'd get another one until i scored myself a 2007 Terra-Moto Pro recently for $400, fully serviced. then i scored a 2010 DHZ 160r outlaw...
  2. motorman

    New Sub Forum - Cars

    Thought I would start a thread for cars so we could all post our's up. Fire away. Will get some pics of the new hilux.
  3. motorman

    Stoozo's ask Craig a Question Thread

    Due to popular demand I have setup this thread specifically as a direct way for Stoozo and Craig to communicate to each other and not clog up threads on the forum. :cheeky-smiley-031: There you go boys go for it. :hidesbehindsofa:
  4. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014 2014 is upon us Miniriders and that means a new FOTM competition. On behalf of the Admin/Moderating team I'd like to welcome all new members to Miniriders and encourage you to enter our monthly competition. Entries are now open! Good Luck!
  5. Carlts

    Miniriders Evolution

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd share with you the evolution of miniriders over the past few years.... enjoy October 16 - 2006 December 30 - 2006 June 22 - 2007 February 25 - 2008 December 18 - 2008 June 1 - 2009 Thanks for looking Guys, and a big...
  6. H

    new pit bike

    Hey all pit bikers, Help us start up our new Become a member and show off all your pit bike photos and videos. Or start a new topic in the forum. Or even post a new ad to sell your pit bike. It's easy, just go to the members page and click "Join Site" and help us start...