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Jun 24, 2012
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Sunshine Coast Queensland


2014 is upon us Miniriders and that means a new FOTM competition.

On behalf of the Admin/Moderating team I'd like to welcome all new members to Miniriders and encourage you to enter our monthly competition.

Entries are now open! Good Luck!
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Rules Of Entry.

* Entries are open to current MR Members. No entering bikes owned by a mate of a mate of a mate
*Previous winners are not eligible to enter subsequent competitions
*Each entry must be accompanied with a clear description of the bike, and any modifications or upgrades listed
*Each entry must be accompanied by clear pictures of the bike. Dark or over-exposed pics arent the greatest, it doesnt take much to get a clear shot
*FOTM Entry threads are purely for entries. Any discussions about the bikes in each competition, can be talked about, flamed or picked apart in the relevant Discussion thread
*General Flaming of entries in the Discussion thread is expected, but personal attacks on entrants will not be tolerated
*If Hillz insists on representing the Mods by entering his bike, he must wash the thing first
*Moderators whilst eligible to enter, are not eligible to win. In the instance of a Moderator winning FOTM, a consolation encouragement award will be voted on by the Mods Group
*Voting will be monitored by the Moderators. Voting with alter-egos and second user accounts will result in the votes being removed or discounted from final voting
*The China Vs Jap war will always rage, and it's healthy for the sport. Keep it clean, keep it to the Discussion thread

Looks good corey ;)

If it aint broke, break it.
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looks sick mate! i might chuck me bike in for fun, although carbon wrap not arrived yet. i'll get pics an modlist
Ok, heres my little fun bike :)

Blender's Build

Mod list:
Ngk Splitfire lead
High performance CDI
735mm USD forks-lots of modding!
ngk cr7hsa plug
D.I.D NZ3 420 Chain
16/41 gearing
DNM 600lb adjustable shock
Japan headstem bearings (crf50)
Battery removed for weight saving reasons :)
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Nice header Corey looks awesome well done lad. Honored to be in it with the elite.
my son's bike

motovert braced frame
piranha extended swingarm
fast ace adj rear shock
piranha rear 10" rim
piranha cnc brake pedal
gpx hi comp 125
forged kicker
32mm-38mm exhaust
oko 26mm carb
usd forks
pro taper bars
carbon fibre look a like 1/4 turn throttle
monster grips
asv copy levers
fat foot pegs

all in all a completely rebuilt bike :)

Doesnt look very good in this pic buts its the only one i got with the honda seat :(

2004 Genuine Thumpstar

Motovert rims, lime green hubs.
Fastace Forks, Triple Clams, Bar risers.
Pro Taper High Rise Bars
Blue Ruffian Grips
Blue ASV Leavers
Gold Joker Quick Turn Throttle
CRF50 Chonda Seat.
Blue Genuine Thumpstar Petrol Cap
Sik 50's Sticker Kit
Black CNC Genuine Thumpstar Frame
Billet A-Frame Swingarm
Takegawa Shock
OORacing Shock Cover
Ported & Polished head
150 Lifan
Genuine Thumpstar Big Bore Exhaust
30mm Mikuni
Blue CNC Gear Leaver
Blue OORacing Chain Guide
Iridium Spark Plug
Super Ignition Coil.
This is my wife Sharon's favourite bike i have sold it awhile ago but she wanted me to enter it. I only have 2 photos of this bike.

AAVARI R1 Made For The US Market
Lifan 110 Engine
TBolt 114 Big Bore Kit Ported and Polished
Billet Clutch Setup
Mikuni 22mm Carby and TBolt Inlet Manifold
NGK Race Coil
Spitfire Race Lead
NGK Iridium Plug
Custom Exhaust System
Disc Brakes Front and Rear
Alloy Wheels
Red and Chrome Grips
Billet Gear Lever and Rocker Covers
Hi-Performance CDI
DID NZ3 420 Gold Chain.
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There are a few about but not many as i said they were made for the US market the speedo is in MPH its a 2002 model. I sold the rolling frame to a guy near Natone up your way he was going to put a 80cc 2 stroke in it and race it at the Highclere go-kart track. The engine out of it is in a Honda CRF50 in the Launceston area.
I'll put mine up since it's now finished..





•BBR primmy setup with supercomp swingarm all polished
•TBR Ti exhaust with shortened can and heat treated header
•Marzocchi Shivers with Bigmini clamps custom anodised red
•Excel front wheel with Bigminis hub and 200mm rotor
•Excel rear wheel with BBR hub
•BBR rear brake kit with custom brake line
•Custom Holeshotheros graphics kit
•Custom Topline seat cover
•TB 108cc RH with AHP 4-speed and Taki special clutch
•Five-O dress up kit
•Fast50s throttle, shifter and pegs
•ASV brake and clutch levers
•Renthal sprocket and chain
•Lightspeed glide plate, chain guide, tank cover and cable guide
•Pro-Taper bars
•Boyesen ignition cover

There are heaps of other bits and pieces but too many to list..
^^^ Yep wow, So clean... Has it even been started? haha.

When do entries close? Mine wont be finished till end of next week.....
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Okie Dokie, Its not 100% finished but her she is.

2007 CRF50R
Painted Frame & Swinga
TB Triple clamp
TB HD Fork springs
TB MX Performance CDI
Fast 50's Fork Legs
Fastace Rear Shock
New Plastics
Famous Stars & Straps Sticker Kit
Honda Tall Seat
Kenda Treads
Crankcase Filter
Bash Plate
Pro Taper Bars
DHZ 38t Rear Sprocket
Cutaway Ignition cover
DHZ Front Sprocket Cover
Red Billet Fuel Cap
SO FAR.......