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  1. my67xr

    Pit Bike Carby id, what carby is this ? Carburetor, Carb, Mikuni, Keihin, Oko, VM, PE, PWK, Flatslid

    Here are some picture's of a few common pit bike carby's These are posted here for a reference to help identify your carby Keihin china copy, Sheng-Way, Jing-Ke PZ16 (16mm), PZ19 (19mm), PZ20 (20mm). PZ21 (21mm) Round bore Carb, ideal for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc engine's...
  2. my67xr

    My next project, 2012 Foxico TTR 190cc

    I picked up another cheap roller the other day, it's a BSE / Foxico TTR style bike with a dead Lifan 150 Apparently the engine has gearbox problem's. Since i'm not that comfortable on the Braaap, i thought i might swap the 190 into this bike. My old Atomik Fuse felt perfect for me, where ever...
  3. Carlts

    Keihin PE28 Jetting for GPX155z with Big Bore and V2

    He guys, I finally bought a Keihin PE28 to go on my 155z with a V2 head and big bore kit. I've had no luck with the OKO 26mm and OKO 30mm, so here's hoping. My main question is what jetting should I go for? I've seen plenty about jetting for the 190 anima, but then again that has...
  4. Rizzo97

    Oko 26 mm v's Mikuni 22/26 copy ?

    Hey everyone, mustpro came with a mikuni "26" mm says 22 on the side of it anyway.. So not sureit it's a copie or not.. Is a oko one better? Or is it just as good as mikuni ex ? Because they both say they are a good prefomanceupgrade ( value for money wise ) exept I already have a mikuni one? Is...
  5. gottagetacheaperhobby

    what carb to run on a 72cc danger :)

    finally started on the youngest son's bike, and i am a bit up in the air on what to do with the carby. i have the stock carb here, and a slightly bigger one from a 125 (both are dirty jinge kei carbs) stock carb has a 40 pilot and 75 main, bigger one has 32 pilot 78 main. should i bother running...
  6. zeus17

    confused should i go with an OKO 26mm or 28mm?

    hi, so i am planning to buy a new carb for my bike and i am confused with what i am trying to do should i go with a 26mm oko d flatside carb or a 28mm version? i read that i can go with a 28mm since oko carbs are known for using huges jets and stuff,, i think i can go with a 35 slow...
  7. S

    SA miniriders day....a few riders short but we still had a blast!!!

    Ok just the easiest thing to edit, I think we're all a little tired today! Will be posting up some youtube vids of it once I have enough energy to edit them!!! Hope some others got out for a boot this weekend? Was a little warm and dusty but hey, still a lot of fun!!
  8. Blender

    DHZ OKO Carb rubber adapter size/specs?

    hey people, as some of you may know, im looking for an oko 30mm carb. the only thing that has stopped me from getting it is im not sure if the rubber adapter that comes with the carb will fit my manifold. i was wondering if someone had the bore size, and bolt hole spacing of the rubber...
  9. spoonta68

    exhaust for 160outlaw choices

    hey peoples ive come to that part of my build were i need a full exhasut from header to muffler i love the yoshimura setus that dhz sell but am unsure if they will fit with my crf70 type dhz outlaw frame my setup is just a gpx yx160 motor and need help in finding out what fits with my frame...
  10. Blender

    WTB: OKO 30mm, with or without air filter.

    WANTED: OKO 30MM carb CONDITION: in working condition PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-80 LOCATION: Goolmangar, 2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: can come with or without air filter. must be a flatside carb CONTACT: PM me :)
  11. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014 2014 is upon us Miniriders and that means a new FOTM competition. On behalf of the Admin/Moderating team I'd like to welcome all new members to Miniriders and encourage you to enter our monthly competition. Entries are now open! Good Luck!
  12. rotn50

    Quick look at the KOSO 28mm flatslide

    Just having a rest and thought id mention the 28mm flatslide koso im running, <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YEnn3vSOE4E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. S


    ITEM AND CONDITION:26mm OKO flat slide race carb, perfect condition, used once. I'm now using a different carb. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE:$50 + 15 postage Aus wide. - I accept paypal and will post the carb. REASON FOR SELLING:No longer needed EXTRA INFO: LOCATION AND...
  14. Perthrider

    26mm oko flatslide-perth region

    WANTED: 26mm oko flatslide CONDITION: shiny? Haha PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: under 80$ LOCATION: perth region- dunsborough region EXTRA INFORMATION: asap, any mistakes i appologise, new to forum CONTACT: 0449205085
  15. Carlts

    Air filter shenanigans - What's your thoughts?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question for you all concerning air filters. Having an OKO 26mm requiring a 48/49mm diameter air filter I opted for the usual Unifilter. But all I can is that my experience has been rubbish with it, I always clean the filter using warm water and washing powder after...
  16. U

    160HO with V2 head; OKO 26 carby jetting??

    Gents, Could any of you out there tell me what jetting/needle position your running on your OKO 26 with 160HO motor and V2 head? I'm having problem getting mine correct!
  17. sam93

    Oko vm26

    I have been looking at different carbys and im tossing between a few round slides I came across a Oko 26mm roundslide for cheap, Has anyone had much experiance with these carbs? Tunability? Performance? Information: Riding: Motard Engine: YX150 (klx style) not moded yet but plan on a few...
  18. P

    [video] oko flatslide strip down

    well i disclocated my knee and needed to put my back together and though why not strip the flatslide carby...i have seen many of people buying these so hopefully this can be helpful to those who own an oko flatslide carby here is part one....you can strip these down alot more than a mikuni so...