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  1. M

    crf50 to crf70 what is actually different ?

    Hey guys so new to pit bikes always had big bikes. My question is i have a DHZ 160 with the crf50 style, so round rear sub frame. I have the option to change the frame and want to go the crf70 so i can get abit wider. i have the option between both frames atm so im wondering if i buy the crf 70...
  2. JamoHado574

    My $385 crf70

    Hi all, I picked up this crf70 a few weeks ago for $385, how do I tell what year model it is. It also has a BBR spring and what seems to be an 88 kit in it but I'm unsure as the number/letter have been ground off, maybe someone on here owned it. Cheers.....J-Bomb.....
  3. N

    Anyone know where to buy crf70 plastics? USA

    Hey, anyone know where i could get some good cheap CRF70 plastics i need Red & white ones, like the new hondas.. red front read panels back and rear fender... trying to avoid ebay, so any parts stores online or anything sell them? let me know please!! thanks :p
  4. D

    A set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70

    WANTED: a set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70 or bbr sp5's CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $100-$150 LOCATION: sunny coast, willing to pay for shipping. EXTRA INFORMATION: minimal pitting or rust on the legs, if crf70 forks then ill need...
  5. motoluver

    Are crf50 and crf70 petrol tank shrouds the same?

    My rx looks too have a crf70 front and rear gaurd but the tank and side number plates look like a crf50 style. Looking to buy new plastics and store the originals.
  6. J

    DHZ DPRO 160 vs CRF70

    Don't mind the title - changed the contents of this thread as idk how to delete! Hey guys, new to this forum (first post i think) Anyway, I'm tossing up purchasing a pit bike. Not looking to race or anything, however do want something that hammers and is reliable. Ive come to the conclusion...
  7. skidpig7

    Installing FMF Pipe on DHZ 140

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a DHZ DPRO 140 and I was wondering if anyone has installed an FMF system on this type of pit bike before. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Eli
  8. Chops

    Chops 160 outlaw

    So I thought I'd start a build thread, havent added or changed anything yet as its only 2 weeks old tomorrow and it just spent its first 1 and a 1/2 weeks getting ridden each day:cool: Love the bike, ran well not a problem with it and gave it two oil changes whilst away. I think the tappets...
  9. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014 2014 is upon us Miniriders and that means a new FOTM competition. On behalf of the Admin/Moderating team I'd like to welcome all new members to Miniriders and encourage you to enter our monthly competition. Entries are now open! Good Luck!
  10. my67xr

    Riding in South Australia , tell us where/when, it might make it easier to catch up with other membe

    i've started this thread, so if someone or a group of SA members here are heading out riding that day, or are planning to head out soon, that others may be able to organise a time/place and catch up together. i find that riding with other mini riders, is a lot more fun than going out with just...
  11. Blender

    How to get crf70 plastics to fit crf50?

    hello there boys and girls i dont particilarly like crf50 plastics, and i was wondering would it be possible to make a set of crf70 plastics fit? what sort of modification would be involved? cheers
  12. TomaszBurcon

    crf70 project build

    hey guys just found this dudes build vlog kinda thing i have watched all of the episodes hey are pretty good! heres the first episode (first one isnt the best imo) <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  13. dynamicgs

    Feedback on CRF50 Decal design

    Hi All, New to the forum... New to Pitbikes too... had a 160cc for the last few weeks and loving it! Just was thinking of doing some decal sets and selling them on ebay or something and wanted some feedback on my first concept for a CRF50 shape... What do you recon? Would anyone out there...
  14. ajaay

    china frames

    so i have been trying to find a frame for my custom build i want to start and cant seem too find too many. Anyone have links and stuff to some decent frames for under $250 i dont mind what type crf 50/70 or klx 110 cheers
  15. dunny29er

    Crf70 style plastics

    Hi guys does anyone know where i can just buy the number plates (in white) not the hole plastics kit Thanks
  16. napolian_was

    crf70 style plastic for pit bike??

    hi do you know if ya can get crf70 style plastic for a pit bike of crf50?? just coz crf50 style plastic is so short and ya get mud up ya back ..........:confused: thx