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  1. fiffty_boytim

    Naked japs

    How often dose every one get there bike stripped naked for check ups and maintenance post them up naked
  2. F

    2018 KLX 110L Riding Videos!

    Hi guys, I uploaded a lot of riding videos to YouTube and I figured I would share them here. Thanks for checking it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK_xsBFp-nQ
  3. C


    Hey guys I'm starting a PITBIKE YouTube channel and wanted to throw it on a forum here. If you guys like watching videos of pitbikes subscribe and like my videos. I will Be making more videos soon of all diff bikes and races ect... Thank you! 2017 KLX110L!! Ride and Walkaround - YouTube
  4. Hillz

    picked up a KLX

    got it for a bargain, previous owner says it runs ruff. will check it out over the weekend 2005 KLX110 143cc, FMF pipe & has HD springs
  5. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014 2014 is upon us Miniriders and that means a new FOTM competition. On behalf of the Admin/Moderating team I'd like to welcome all new members to Miniriders and encourage you to enter our monthly competition. Entries are now open! Good Luck!
  6. my67xr

    Riding in South Australia , tell us where/when, it might make it easier to catch up with other membe

    i've started this thread, so if someone or a group of SA members here are heading out riding that day, or are planning to head out soon, that others may be able to organise a time/place and catch up together. i find that riding with other mini riders, is a lot more fun than going out with just...
  7. timeeh

    FOTM Oct/Nov 2013

    <div style="float:left; margin-left:15px;color:#B50203;font-weight:900;font-size: 18px; padding:5px 0px 40px 0px; ">"The last Fifty of the Month for 2013 is now up! Some awesome rides this month, get your votes in... ... and good luck to all who entered" cheers from, the Mod Team</div>...
  8. Mini-Fifty

    BBR Perimeter Replica Project.

    Hey Guys, After a successfull CRF50 replica build, another build: BBR Perimeter REPLICA. Bought it yesterday, but need to do some work on it so i decide to rebuild it. The bike has already: Fastace forks, adjustable rear shock, Pitsterpro wheels, 118cc big bore engine, runs really like a...
  9. wogtaz ryder

    Woggys Full Mod Klx 110 Build

    YUP , New build time well i am off the Lxr (snapping the linkage off helped with this decision alot lol) Been tossing up weather to do crf70 or klx110 for a while now . would rather a 70 , but didnt want to put my klx110/188 engine to waste and definitely dont want to sell it for half what...
  10. Carlts

    Help: Installation of a TB Kit

    Hey Guys I am interested in learning how to rebuild/upgrade engines. I found a video here that shows pretty well how to install a tb 88 kit: The steps seem easy to follow and I reckon it makes the process seem actually possible now lol: Part 1 <iframe width="640" height="510"...
  11. ajaay

    china frames

    so i have been trying to find a frame for my custom build i want to start and cant seem too find too many. Anyone have links and stuff to some decent frames for under $250 i dont mind what type crf 50/70 or klx 110 cheers
  12. Carlts

    Carltons Custom 155z crf70 build

    UPDATE April 2013: If you want to skip all the pages and see the finished product, just click the image link below: Otherwise carry on.... Step 1:Clean Garage The parts I've got so far: 14" front 12" rear wheel set, with rim lock Billet Blue Hub, Black Alloy RIm, 32 SS HD...
  13. W

    150cc Big Bore for klx

    Does anyone know where to find a 150cc Big Bore Kit for a klx110. I'm having trouble locating ones of this size. Also does any one know a place in Melbourne or even Aus where you can send them the hold engine and they will machine and fit the bore kit for you, like that MotoHP place in the...
  14. G

    if this kit fits on KLX110? anyone helps?

    hi if anyone knows this kit 150cc ceramic cylinder with piston at 63mm 13mm. it fits KLX110? thank very much