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  1. UrbanRockWell

    Hi! New POSTIE BIKE owner and member!

    Hey there all, love all the inspiring joy riders and your joy rides, I myself finally got a hold of a 1981 Honda ct110 , it’s got a Lifan 125 engine on it, an amazing motor enthusiastturned small engine mechanic helped me get her back on the wheels and now I’m wrapping the exhaust which did...
  2. UrbanRockWell

    Just got a Postie! 1981 Honda Ct110 Lifan 124cm

    Thanks all and anyone in advance for helping in anyway get some joy from this 1981 ct110 with a Lifan 125 engine I don’t know much about, YET! , and it’s not starting, I hear compression coming out the carbs and it seems super clean, it WAS missing flywheel flange hex nut, SO FLYWHEEL COULDNT...
  3. B7871ACD-B582-4D46-96B1-5E02BA172157.jpeg


    Drawn wire diagram of my 1981 Honda ct110 , Lifan 124cm
  4. C

    79 Honda XL75

    Just bought a 79 XL75 barn find. What are the engine differences between the XR75 and XL75? I would like to bore out the cylinder and am curious about parts availability. Thanks in advance.
  5. Crackle_Smackle

    Bringing back my '97 Z50R

    Was helping my father clean out their old house about a year or two ago, and guess what was still sitting in the shed? My '97 Z50R. It hadn't run in maybe several years, I couldn't even remember. I had so much fun on that little thing growing up, it brought back a lot of memories. Sadly, at the...
  6. B

    WTB Stock Size Carby for crf/xr50 - Must be Japanese...

    HI, Chasing a stock size carby preferably Keihin, must be in good working order and fairly priced. Thanks...
  7. gion_s

    Skyteam cobra is really slow

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum :) I've recently bought a Skyteam Cobra 50cc (Chinese Honda Ape copy) with about 5000km on it. The problem is that it basically runs like crap. You might think that it's because it's a cheap chinese reproduction but I've owned two...
  8. F

    Honda CRF 50 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Ok so I know the DHZ will obviously be faster and the crf is more expensive I would be getting a second hand crf 50 (maybe 2013 and up model) and the DHZ would be brand new. Ive been told that the honda is better quality but the DHZ seems a much better deal and ive heard good reviews from them...
  9. Q

    Honda XR100 VS Apollo 110 Chinese Pitbike!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is my first post... I wanted to make a funny video comparing these 2 bikes. Let me know what other videos I should make!
  10. L

    Engines for pit bike (140cc+)

    Hey guys. Chain broke on my bike, then it broke the entire engine casing. It currently has a lifan 125cc, I was looking to installing a big bore kit. I thought well this is a good chance to just buy an engine, since repairing the damage plus the big bore kit would probably cost around the same...
  11. U

    honda qr 50/ cfr50 forks

    Does anyone know if stock crf50 forks would fit a honda qr 50
  12. SCW660

    125 Honda wave engine

    does anyone know about these and where to get one ? /
  13. I

    Honda crf 50 parts

    Hey guys just wondering what the best websites are to purchase mods for a honda crf50. I am located In Canada if that makes any difference:p Thanks
  14. Z

    1978 Honda Z50j - Road to Rego

    Hey Guys and Girls, I have had this Honda Z50j for a couple of years now, and have recently decided that its time to fully restore her. I have plans to also get her on the road. Been busy making parts lists and contacting sandblasters/powdercoaters and metalplaters. Wasnt running when i got...
  15. Y

    yx150 valve guides an seals

    Hey im after new valve guides an seals to suit the klx style head ive herd honda 400ex guides but what seals can I use ?
  16. G

    China 250/200cc vs xr200 size wize

    I'm looking for a new motor for my bike and I know a xr200 just fits in are these motors bigger or smaller size wise? Also we're does every one get there engines? Any one have one spare or even a honda 185/200? Cheers
  17. M

    Help with CRF50

    Hi guys this is my first post so sorry in advance if it's not in the right topic. I'm about to buy a 2014 crf 50 and got plans of doing some mods to it, I'm not to fussed on putting a 88 kit in it for the moment it'll just be for abit of fun and to ride with my son who I'm teaching to ride at...
  18. velociraptor

    1999 Suzuki DS80X

    Built up engines for someone who liked to abuse the hell out of em and ended up doing a lot of repair work for him(crashing, ovverevving in 1st, low oil or no oil in gas, list goes on) in the end he had bought a badly beaten up. Ds80 for 800 dollars not running no fenders no airbox bent forks...
  19. timeeh

    FOTM May/Jun 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH May/Jun 2014 So Let's Get It Underway! Vote Now For Your Favorite FOTM For May/Jun 2014 Miniriders Admin and Mod Team Wish The Best Of Luck To All The Entrants <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align...
  20. H

    Build/Restoration of my crf50.

    hey, so this is my build post, its a on going process and got a fair bita work to do, the bike was originally a 2006 crf50 ( at one stage of its life ) they was heavily modded, then was sold onto someone else who well for better lack of works didnt treat it quite well.. so i bought it back and...