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  1. R

    Atomik fuse 125cc plastics

    Hi I've been struggling to find out what plastics/ fenders to buy for my girl friends atomik fuse. She's after pink ones and I can't figure out what style plastics will fit her bike.. Can some one please help me out :) some info would be much appreciated .thanx guys
  2. R

    New atomik fuse 125cv

    Just bought my girlfriend a new atomik fuse 125cc. Firstly after setting it up and fueling up it started pouring fuel out of the drain house on the carbi flout bowl. Secondly got it started and it's running like absolute crap!! Any info on why it's so out of tune ? It really was not liking it...
  3. motorman

    Atomik onboard as new Site Sponsor!!

    Hey All, It's with great pleasure I announce that Atomik have come onboard as a site sponsor. I know a lot of members have Atomik bikes so this is great news for the site and sport. Please welcome Andy and the team onboard. Nick
  4. S

    Foxico Z160HO, trails/enduro bigwheel

    Sweet just picked this up on a lead from mx67xr, cause he's such a great bloke! Talked the guy down from 250 to 200 since the back wheel is cheese! May be able to re-spoke it and tighten it up but possibly needs to be replaced. The chain is rusted together. It did go through from 1st-4th on the...
  5. S

    Atomik fuse with Daytona 150 engine heavy mods CHEAP

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Atomik Fuse With a daytona 150cc engine. Here is a list of the part that are on the bike. Engine: Daytona 150cc engine with a keihin PE28, Suspension: Marzocchi shiver Front forks, DNM 320mm Full adjustable in compression and rebound. Frame: Standard Atomik fuse...
  6. F

    Atomik comp 250

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting one of these 2 bikes. The atomik comp 250: Comp 250cc - Competition Bike - Dirt Bike and the atomik fuse 250: Fuse 250cc - MX Bike - Dirt Bike Just wanted to see if anyone here owns one of these bikes or can shed some light on them as i cant seem...