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  1. M

    Yx160 valves

    Hi all, I recently adjusted the tappets on my yx 160, 0.003 intake 0.004 exhaust. The valves were fairly tight and I had to loosen them off to achieve these readings. The motor has slightly more compression now which is great but it developed a slight ticking sound from the head/tappers, which I...
  2. nicko451

    WTB: GPX 125 Head

    WANTED: GPX 125 Head CONDITION: As close to new as i can get or new. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: You tell me. LOCATION: Will pay for postage to bayswater 3153 EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: me on here Cheers
  3. Jonte

    Tb v2 head with stock cylinder

    I finally found a tb v2 head from Finland and it cost only 65€ :afro: I have been thinking that i'm gonna buy stock cylinder, so do i need to modify the piston for the v2 head? Is there any differences between yx 150cc and yx 160cc cylinders and pistons?
  4. Jonte

    170cc 4v vs 184cc 2v

    Hello! Which would be better and more powerfull? 170cc cylinder with chinese 4v head or tb 184cc cylinder with stock head. :p I have yx160cc gen3.
  5. B


    Hello, im new to this forum and sorta new to pit bikes (kinda) i'm 14 and bought my first pit bike 2 years ago however only ridden it 5 times due to not having a trailer to take it to a motocross track. (I've always relied on mates when they go)Its a Atomik Nitrous yx150 (Ive also got a second...
  6. D

    tb 2v rockers

    As per title has anyone got a set of rockers for a tb 2v head they wish to sell
  7. S

    bse 125

    Hi all thought I would start a build thread on my bike I brought my bike second hand of a guy that had only done half hour riding on the bike christmas day when he parked it up then could never get it started again. He had it advertised for $200 so I go to have a look and even the tires still...
  8. timeeh

    Jialing 125 upgrades

    Mornin peepholes, it's time for a new piston and rings in my sisters Vert Expert 125, as it's smoking more than that tree at the back of the college oval. Anyway what i would like to know is; 1)Who stock replacement piston and rings? (besides motovert aus) and/or what are the piston...
  9. phwoah

    v2 head and 188cc big bore

    ITEM: v2 head, 188cc big bore and pro circuit exhaust CONDITION: used but excellent condition REASON FOR SELLING: no longer needed PRICE AND CONDITIONS: $500 or $600 with 28mm oko flat slide carby and race cdi EXTRA INFO: <insert text here> LOCATION: hobart tasmania will post aus...
  10. Y

    yx150 cam

    Hey guys new here just wondering if lifan 140 cam will fit in a yx150 head ??? Not after why or blah blah just if it will cheers
  11. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  12. tormentandglory

    WTB - CRF/XR/Z50 top end, head, cylinder, piston, etc...

    WANTED: later model genuine Honda 50cc top end parts CONDITION: New or used, as long as they're good enough to run PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends on condition... LOCATION: I'm in melbourne, southern suburbs EXTRA INFORMATION: I'm working on my next project, a 5 speed v-twin z50...
  13. B

    Valve Gap and Head Torque

    Hey there ive got a 2012 OPBS X pit bike, its Chinese. I took off the head and was wondering how much i need to torque the head down when i put it back on as well as i need to reset the valve gap and i dont know how much to set it for. thanks
  14. ajaay

    Brand new head unit !

    ITEM: Sony mex bt4050u head unit, top of the range brand new PRICE: 250 with free postage or pickup if local or may drop off if in the area Payment to be made by bank deposit or cash when picked up REASON FOR SELLING: Bought a different head unit of a friend last minute and didn't end...
  15. Clunk

    Head swapping and modification Q's (Lifan)

    Can anyone tell me if a Lifan 140 head will definitely bolt straight onto a Lifan 150 barrel and cases using the 150 timing chain, cam, head gasket and sprocket?? And if so what are the differences, such as valve sizes, combustion chamber cm3 , cam specs, valve lift, etc. Are all the parts...
  16. D

    help with cam/head/valve

    Hey guys. I have a orion 2007 125cc with engine number DJ154FMI. Ok, got the bike with a bent inlet valve. Ordered new valves and timing chain according to the engine number. Firstly the new chain was a link longer so I first used the old chain to check everything. Thats where things went well...
  17. P

    Head Design

    I'm not sure if this has been talked about before and i know it's old news but im trying to work out whats better about a 4 valve head on these mini's... i'm kinda looking for numbers or data to support your claims as well not just "4 valve is good"... I read in this thread...