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  1. C

    high idle

    Bought a 24mm with powerjet oko copy recently. Then bought a 100 main jet and 36 pilot jet. the throttle response is much better than the mikuni 26mm (from DHZ) but there is a problem with the idle. It is idle very high (>3000rpm vs 2000rpm with the mikuni), the idling screw all the way...
  2. Blender

    WTB: OKO Idle screw

    WANTED:OKO Flatslide Idle screw, preferably with spring CONDITION:Best as possible, thread must be clean PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-10 LOCATION:2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: none CONTACT: PM or here
  3. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...
  4. B

    Idle problem...high rev with choke on, dies when choke off

    Hi guys ive got 125cc orion X model. Its got a stock carb, k & n air filter, hi rev CDI, high performance coil. Recently after i put the high performance stuff on it started to red line after a cold start with the choke on. When i would shut the choke off it would die. after it would get...
  5. jmac6888

    My New DHZ DPRO 160 Idle Issues

    Hey all, Firstly I am sorry if the answer is already in another thread but I have looked for a while and cannot find. I got a new DHZ DPRO 160cc on the weekend as an upgrade from my Atomik 125 MX. FINALLY! After some stuffing around and finding that some wiring was unplugged we finally...
  6. B

    reving its guts out

    Hi I've been mucking round latley with my clip position. bike was running fine but now when i do get it started, it absolutely revs its tits off, then when i turn the choke off it dies. I"ve tried the idle screw and it does nothing !! I can screw it all the way in and out and it still...