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  1. D

    yx140 cam issues, anti kickback

    I just put a head back on my engine after I have reseated the valves and put in new piston and rings after a quick hone of the bore. Put it all back together and I have 0 compression. There is no leaks through new head gasket and head bolts are tight. So what is it? My thoughts are on the...
  2. Clinton3

    Help Needed... :-(

    Hey Guys, Ive got a Dirtmax Dominator 160cc YX with about 8 hours on it. Picture below. It has a HUGE kickback problem. I have had it professionally serviced by DHZ and I have tried all the different methods of kicking, always about 50/50 kickback. Been through one set of starter...
  3. Clinton3

    Popular kick method.......?

    Hey all, I've been reading all the threads about how to kick start your big bore pit bike. 'one click past TDC then kick' But I've just come back from DHZ and the guys there recon otherwise. The guys at DHZ recon you find TDC, bring up the kicker then KICK! Every time I do this it...