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  1. T

    Help! with a Lifan 125

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum but I've got a kind of a large issue. I'm in the middle of transplanting a brand new Lifan 125cc (1p54fmi) engine into a an old 1979 CT90 frame. I only just got the motor into the frame yesterday, and today I decided to try the kickstarter (there's oil in the...
  2. roostyamates

    hard to kick start

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me weather it would be wise to buy a 2011 atomik nitrous 160 thats hard to kick start, what does this tell you about the bike? is t easy to fix? thanks
  3. T

    kickstarter problems

    Brand new to forum and I need some hints or advice. Bike ran beautifully yesterday only to start it today did a few kicks then it sounded like it grabbed inside. Locked the bike in gear even with clutch pulled in tried to kick it and it wouldn't budge. Moved the bike around a bit which knocked...
  4. sans handle

    QA50 kick slipping.

    I recently purchased a Honda QA50 and am having a couple of issues: -The kick start slips 8 out of 9 attempts before catching, will catch 3 to 4 time thereafter then continue to slip, making a grinding noise while slipping. I've tried loosening and adjusting the clutch but doesn't help...
  5. Clinton3

    Popular kick method.......?

    Hey all, I've been reading all the threads about how to kick start your big bore pit bike. 'one click past TDC then kick' But I've just come back from DHZ and the guys there recon otherwise. The guys at DHZ recon you find TDC, bring up the kicker then KICK! Every time I do this it...