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  1. Carlts

    FS: PSTO 160cc Build

    ITEM AND CONDITION: PSTO 160cc Build PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">$800</span> $700 REASON FOR SELLING: Bro is getting a big bike EXTRA INFO: PSTO build that was started and never finished. Started with a core used PSTO frame and...
  2. T-rev86

    2nd hand braaap 190 or lxr190 pros and cons

    Hey guys been looking at the braaap factory 190 and the pitster lxr190 second hand bikes I would like to hear from owners of both bikes and if they wish they Bort the other one any regrets and is the braaap 190 not having linkage that much of a deal breaker I don't want to here about price I...
  3. S

    2014 TDR PRO 125 noob build

    Well the bike came today. All seems pretty well in order.... Been through basically everything, will bleed the brakes tomorrow...the rear doesn't even really work :/ so it will need to be done. This is my major concern. There was a random spring washer in the bottom of the box...I thought oh...
  4. T

    need help in id'ing this chinese 125 plz

    hi my son just picked up this 125 the other day it burns some oil but got it for the right price but we dont know the make of nor did the previous owner all we have is whats on the vin plate which reads, produced by wu yian sports equipment co ltd. zhe jiang china model :WYAY-OX manufacture...
  5. Cordogs

    Pitster Pro 07 info

    Ok so like the title says I need some information about a Pitster pro 150 2v Daytona 2007. This particular model has linkage. I've been told that both shocks are fully adjustable. I know the description is vague but its all the information I got. I was hoping someone had/has one that could tell...
  6. Carlts

    Going to pickup a PSTO 160 roller

    Hey lads, I am going to pickup a PSTO roller this afternoon. If all goes to plan I should have a nice second build going along. Roller is a little rusty by the looks and has big wheels on it now.. why oh why hahaah Watch this space for updates, main concern is fitting this bike in the back...
  7. D

    2009 Motovert Pro 125cc Daytona or 2012 Motovert Pro 160cc

    Gday guys, Quick background on myself. I'm 19, about 65kgs, 5ft10 and used to ride all the time up until I sold my YZ85, YZ125 and ebay pitbike a couple years back. But my love for dirtbikes keeps calling, so considering I can't afford to buy the latest KTM 500EXC at the moment, I've decided...
  8. dessy

    Atomik Comp 140 / 160

    G'day Guys, After a search I wasn't able to find much info from Atomik Comp owners. The seem good for the $s but I am keen for some feedback from someone who owns one. NEW ATOMIK COMP 140CC PIT TRAIL MOTOR DIRT BIKE THUMPST | eBay Cheers.
  9. nemo86

    motovert expert

    hey can someone tell me how much the motovert experts cost new?? r they good??? not cheap parts n poor build quality?? cheers
  10. gdee

    Motovert 09 Type R OR Motovert 09 Expert?

    I have the cash for either, iam going to pick one up soon but cant decide what model. I know the expert would have more grunt, but would it be worth getting the expert? Pros/Cons?
  11. P

    motovert pro 125 daytona japan or motovert expert 140 motovert racing engine.

    hay, guys im looking at buying 1 of these 2 bikes not to sure which 1 to go with leaning towards the 140.. can anyone help me with info comparing the 2 like which engine is more durable do they have any faults. any info would be great there both 08 models. cheers..
  12. jpspud92

    Motovert 07 Expert oil

    Hey all, just purchased my 07 expert the other day 1600 second hand. First bike ive ever bought so i dont really know much about bikes. Just asking what would be the best oil to use, the guy at the shop that i bought the bike from recommended using 15w50 full synthetic. Also how much oil...
  13. mad man

    I got a Motovert expert.

    Hey guys long time no speak, just picked up a motovert expert, 2007 model. got it for one grand, it has around 10 hours on it. will post pics soon :P