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  1. Blender

    Fork bottom's loose?

    Hey guys, i was out riding yesterday, when I noticed my front wheel seemed kinda loose. o stopped to see if a bearing or axle was losse, but they were fine. Once i got it home, i realized that its the bottom of the forks that were loose. They are alloy, and screw onto steel forks, so I'm not...
  2. Rizzo97

    Wheel bearings have spun in hub and chewed it out

    Bearings! Need help One of the bearings in my back wheel keeps comin loose. I have tried using a centerpunch to make it grip the bearing but it dosnt last very long.. Tried again with and put some black silicone on it inside we're the centerpunch holes are haven't tried that yet but il be...
  3. Rizzo97

    Loud pop/crack/bang from lifan 125

    I Have a dodgy intake valve tappet cover on my lifan 125 because I snaped one of the bolts ages ago and couldn't get it out, so I drilled in next to it and I drilled through into where the little adjuster rod and locknut are and metal shavings got in there :/ went for a strap cuz I got the cover...
  4. dynamicgs

    Clutch Basket Loose?

    Hey.. My engine is was making bit of a weird clunking noise, and felt it through the clutch lever a bit... so I took off the clutch cover to see if the nut was loose... It is really tight, and everything looks OK, but noticed the clutch basket and the big gear on the back seem to have alot of...
  5. bra

    back wheel/chain problems

    i just went for a ride and i noticed that my back wheel seemed to be wobbley and the chain is more loose then last time i rode when i got back i tightend all the bolts but its still happening any ideas? thanks