back wheel/chain problems

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Aug 16, 2009
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central coast braa
i just went for a ride and i noticed that my back wheel seemed to be wobbley and the chain is more loose then last time i rode
when i got back i tightend all the bolts but its still happening
any ideas? thanks
3 months ? ...... you are lucky to get this far

you gotta check ya spokes every other ride....... just get a spanner or a small shifter on em
just grab your tyre & shake it back & forth, if the wheel moves & the hub dosent you have a spoke problem, happens after about 1 week of riding these kind of bikes
yep .... sometimes they bed in and don't come loose but most of the time you gotta keep tightening them ... wobble the wheel like Hllz said .... then you'll know f they are loose
do you guy actually true the spokes or just keep em tight? I think I need to learn how to tighten em up just not sure if I should go as far as rigging up something to tru them on

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