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  1. Chops

    Decent wheel bearings? dhz outlaw 160

    Is the best thing to do, go to a bearing shop with an old bearing and replace with a japanese equiliveant? Cant find any on any websites. And the seals, are these readily available?
  2. B

    WTB: 12" Front CRF50 Wheel to suit drum brake and 12mm axle

    WANTED:12" Front CRF50 Wheel to suit drum brake and 12mm axle CONDITION: New or used PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Up to $80 for used China wheel. Up to $250 for a good condition Sano, Red Baron, Excel, etc if it's got a good tyre on it LOCATION: Canberra EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT...
  3. motorman

    Need a 12" PisterPro Black Hub

    Anyone know where I can get one? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Only complete wheel sets. Cheers
  4. E

    Axle and rear wheel help!!

    Hey everyone, recently took my bike into motorbike city toget them to go threw my bike, the fixed the engine, took 2 weeks... Then forced the, to put rear brakes and a tube in it because I needed it for weekend, they say my axle and rear wheel and axle are 12mm and need to be 15mm? Is there...
  5. L

    12" rear wheel,crf50 style shock

    Wanted: a 12" rear wheel and a crf50 style shock Condition:hopefully a good tyre on wheel and shock just needs to work and not be really stiff Prefered price range: 100-150 all up Location: glen innes,nsw Extra information: would prefer a fastace or dnm shock Contact: private message
  6. Snaptrax

    Snaptrax's 05 Yz250 Smoker

    Hey guys I was going to post a thread about my new bike when i got it. But after thinking about it i have no idea how to ride a 2 stroke so i decided against that idea. Anyway this is my new bike(This is the closest thing to a girlfriend il get) a 2005 Yz250. You would never think that it is...
  7. Killpatrickyum

    Roy's BBR

    Heya Boys & Gal's Been a while since iv popped in just though id share my latest money pit... The missing piece to my mini puzzle missing a couple bits but sourced a back wheel and brake setup so hopefully start to piece it together soon :angry-smiley-013:
  8. Rizzo97

    Dam clicking!

    Hey, every time I get back from a ride and wheel my bike in I always hear a click from my front wheel about evry Couple of spins? It's defently somthing to d with the brakes.. All spokes are tight and rim is nice and true, new brake disc, New triple clamps that actualy fit the fork legs...
  9. Rizzo97

    Wheel won't spin properly?

    I couldn't spin my front wheel properly ( rotor gets caught in the pads ) so I loosened off the brake caliper mounting bolts, and it spin's perfectly.. How should I fix this ?
  10. R

    Opinions on this bike?

    Hi members. Im looking at getting a new bike I normally ride a friends KX85II 2012 and love it so i decided to get one. I only have a budget of a 1000 or a little more. Been looking at the assassin 125cc big wheel...
  11. Electrum

    Need help on a Bike!

    Hey everyone. I'm going to upgrade as soon as I get around $1,000 ! I am very very interested in this PitPro 125cc SE 17-14 | PitPro Dirt Bikes Australia's Largest Online Pitbike Store can you guys tell me if it's a good bike. I currently have the pitpro 125 RR but I sent a big wheel motorbike...
  12. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  13. skidz1

    Motovert type r front fork alignment?

    hey guys, just wondering if its possible to straighten the front wheel. when the handlebars are straight, the wheel is turned off to the left a little. can i adjust it from the bottom part where the axle goes through? or by twisting the forks? or could it mean that i have bent something? i have...
  14. KGILK91

    HELP NEEDED ~ Apollo AGV-21 70CC

    I recently purchased a used Apollo AGV-21 70cc mini bike for my 5 year old son... After looking at the VIN, I believe it's a 2008 model?? However, it's in poor shape. I'm trying to find a parts list and repair service manual for this mini. It needs quite a bit of work... Some of the parts...
  15. C

    replacing a broken wheel/rim

    hey guys, have got problem while riding the bolts that hold the sprocket onto the rim came loose and got caught on the swingarm snapping the bolts and breaking the rim. now im up for a new rear 14" wheel, but the problem is i took the wheel off and took it to a local pit bike shop, where i...
  16. P

    My first day riding a motorbike:) LOVE IT!

    Under here is a part of my first day. I bloody loved every second of it. Please don't bag out on me. It was my first time. And yeah, no brakes, no kick start. (have to roll start it) the rear wheel is dead. I took it off and are having it re-spoked and gonna replace bearings. And seeing as the...
  17. P

    HOW TO: replacing wheel bearings

    i had a quick look and couldnt find any specific thread on wheel bearing replacement i found if you dont have the right technique for this like anything an easy job becomes difficult you only need a few things to do this a couple of different sized flat head screw drivers, a hammer or some...
  18. irvss

    How to make 125cc big wheeel ??

    Hey guys, i have a 125cc standard wheel 14" front, 12" rear, and i wanted to make it big wheel, 17" front , 14" rear, i was just wondering if it is at all possbile. Cheers
  19. hallzee

    bent rim

    Any ideas on fixing a bent rim?? it looks as if someone as ridden prettymuch straight in to a curb or something and the walls of the rim at what appears to be the point of impact had flared outwards.. Moreso on one side than the other... It still rides fine has a bit of a wobble to it. I...
  20. fusedminis

    Wheel Bearings

    I have a front wheel which I want to use on my build and it came with bearings to suit a 12mm axle. Seeing that my 15mm axles wont fit I took the bearings out and am now searching for some new ones. Problem is the OD is 37mm. So I need some bearing with a 15mm ID and 37mm OD. The only...