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  1. T

    Need a little help

    So I picked up this bike about 8 years ago when I was racing, and used it just to tool around the pits. I don't know much about it, but I do know its a 125cc sem-auto that runs ok. I promised my son as soon as he got old/big enough that it was going to be his bike. It's finally that time and...
  2. N

    qg-210 coolster mod help

    I recently bought a coolster qg-210 for 50 dollars and it works fine. I bought this bike as a toy and a project. I want to know if there are any mods I can do to it to make it faster. Thanks. p.s. This is my only bike so i really don't know what i am doing. I have basic knowledge but I...
  3. M

    Looking to buy my first pit bike.

    Hey guys of! Just joined like 5 mins go! But as you may know from the title, I'm looking for my first pit bike. I'm new to the sport, and know nothing about pit bikes, just that theyre pretty much kids bikes with suped up engines made for mucking around on trails and stuff. So...
  4. J

    Pit Pro 125rr, rear shock and upgrade question

    Hi guys, Im new to this site and Chinese mini bikes, Would some one please be able to recommend a reasonable rear shock that's a reasonable price ? I'm thinking fast ace but I'm not sure what model would fit my bike, does any one know ? Also does this bike use crf50 plastics, seat, fuel cap...
  5. Xtina

    Introduce yourself :)

    I didnt see a thread about introductions... About me: NAME: Christina AGE: 22 LOCATION: Brisbane southside BIKE: TTR 230 and Motovert 125 I work full time for an insurance company, model and do uni. Love to ride but bugger all places in brissy now :( Copy and past the following...