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  1. nickv1980

    Anima 150f Oil filters

    Has anyone got any clue what oil filter to run in the Anima 150f ?? Ive been changing the oil out every 3 to 4 hours ride time but i have no idea where to grab an oil filter from ... I asked Ken at DHZ not too long ago he told me they would be getting them soon but not soon enough for me , im...
  2. Clinton3

    Oil Filter

    Hey guys, I just put the first 3 hours on the new top end of my YZ250F 2002 only to discover that it had no oil filter installed. Would this have done damage? I've noticed a lot of minis have no oil filter at all. What makes minis different from big bikes when it comes to the need to...
  3. Eben

    Metal dust in engine oil after only 30 mins

    I have a Hummer G4 250 4T that I bought second hand about a month ago, stripped down completely and re-did everything... Got it running this weekend with brand new 20W50 castrol in it, rode it for 30 minutes and decided to change the oil to see what its like. The oil was already dirty, and...