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  1. G

    Help needed! extreme bogging and terrible performance :(

    Hello, I've got a Kinroad XT50GY, it's a road bike, but the engine is from a Chinese pit bike, it's a 50cc horizontal engine with 4 gears and a manual clutch. P.S. I'm not good with 4 strokes, this is my first 4 stroke bike, and i wan't to learn how to diagnose and fix 4 strokes as well. And i'm...
  2. my67xr

    Daytona 190 Performance parts, new releases etc

    I thought i'd start a thread to show some of the new stuff that has come out for the Daytona 190's There are now 3x Daytona 190's available, the 190FDX, THE 190 FLX, and the Daytona FD The FLX and FD both have lighting coils installed. The new FD engine has a road based gearbox, 1 down 3...
  3. J

    YX160 ignition upgrade

    Hello all, brand new here and just after some links/advice on parts to use on my ignition system. Ive ordered a brand spanker Atomik Reign 160cc bigfoot. Yet to show up. Im looking for performance upgrade options only... Whats a proven CDI to suit this bike? Decent quality performance coil...
  4. A


    hey guys just wondering if this DNM rear shock i bought will fit a standard style swingarm on my completely stock 2012 crf50
  5. Atomik drew

    Blitz 250 perfomance upgrades, help?

    Just got myself one of these blitz 250's and after 5yrs on the kx250f and rmz250, I'm wanting more from this little bad boy. I heard about a few mods to do but need some clarification. The carby jets.. What's best and wher can I get them? Or is ther a whole carby I can swap? The airbox hole...
  6. M

    Atomik Kuda Pro 250cc Performance?

    hey guys i not knew to pit bikes but i am to the larger kind like my brand spankin new kuda pro although its a 250 theres not much difference in performance/power to my 140 just wondering if anyone knows anything that i can upgrade on it to increase perfomance/power well ive heard use guys r the...