Atomik Kuda Pro 250cc Performance?

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Mar 29, 2007
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hey guys i not knew to pit bikes but i am to the larger kind like my brand spankin new kuda pro although its a 250 theres not much difference in performance/power to my 140 just wondering if anyone knows anything that i can upgrade on it to increase perfomance/power well ive heard use guys r the best so any tips will be great

cheers guys
yea its pretty good ay runs well only the performance is a little disappointing thought it was gonna be well powerful but it aint
yea its pretty good ay runs well only the performance is a little disappointing thought it was gonna be well powerful but it aint

This is the exact reason why China 250's have never been that good. They are slowly getting better quality wise but the motors don't have anywhere near the go of a regular 250. I can smoke a Pitpro 250 with a Motovert 140. No Challenge. We tried doing everything we could to get it going better (have had 2 models now).

I feel for you mate. My mate has been down this path over the last 2 years and it's hard enough to get the bikes to just work properly let alone making them go harder. I'm not saying yours is crap or whatever jus that it will never have the power you want, for the apllication it is meant to be aimed at (trails).

Only way to make it go as fast as what you were hoping it was going to be (just like myself), put a whole new motor in.
ah kk cheers man yea i was lookin at puttin a yz or cr 125 in it with maybe a bita cut and weldin should fit u rekon?
With a welder anything is possible! :)

i couldnt see why it wouldnt work , if you were persistant
it says it goes 150kph thats pretty fast but does it really go that fast?

problly not
nah speedo dosent sho above 91 km/h but it goes a bit above that probs 110-120
anyone know if they are same engine in the 250cc range? the blitz and so on.
as for power well i am new to dirty/trail sorry use to ride road bikes but the 250's in most of them was 2 cyl and twin carbs so its more then likely where the power loss is. but i am yet to think that bigger jet and a little turbo on the bugger make some power.
yes, the whole 250cc range are fitted with Loncin Gen 2 OHC engines and all go pretty much the same, only difference is the blitz its watercooled and all models are fitted with different exhausts, the blitz has more of the sports exhaust whilst the link has a short pitbike type exhaust and the kuda has the road setup.