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  1. B

    Fuel outlet too short

    Hi gurus, Just picked myself up a mint Xmotos 250 for a bargain. While going over the bike to prepare for a ride this weekend, i pulled off the fuel tank to check the hoses etc. While putting it back together, i noticed that the actual outlet at the bottom of the tank (that feeds to the fuel...
  2. china911

    lift up stand for pitbikes

    l am shopping around for a lift up stand. standard mxs stands are 300mm (not extended) , cant slide under the bash plate . l most likely need something around the 250 mm (not extended) any links much appreciated . The braaaps a bit of a pig to lift on a bucket.
  3. turkey

    Can you register a Yz 250 or a crf 250 motocross bike

    Is it possible to do ?
  4. rotn50

    Cross breeding is fun

    So I have seen some wild to mild builds with some leaving you scratching your head in disbelief or like this one I was intrigued, it began as a 250 water cooled pushrod atv and has been mated with a namebrand motorcycle front end, the ape hangers are massive and the suicide shift is over a...
  5. Blender


    hey guys, found this i think its only draw back is the non-linkage rear. tell me what u think. cheers http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/250cc-Trail-Bike-CXF250-Dirt-Bike-Off-Road-Custom-Trail-Bike-/171074142449?pt=AU_Motorcycles&hash=item27d4d040f1&_uhb=1
  6. D

    Footpeg Mounts for Atomik Link 250

    Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a footpeg mount to fit an Atomik Link 250? Hole spacings are 130mm wide x50mm deep. Atomik motorsports seem to be out of stock of any mounts all the time. Cheers in advance Darren
  7. Barnesd09

    Step up to 250 production from minimotards

    Its been a while since I've posted on here, but a few know that I have been trying to keep mini motard happening in Vic through the SWMMC, but more importantly, I've made the step up to racing 250 production class on a Hyosung GT250r. Funny though, these bikes are actually no faster around...
  8. ruggs

    FS: '09 WR250F

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2009 YAMAHA WR250F PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 7500 O.N.O REASON FOR SELLING: NOT USING IT ANYMORE EXTRA INFO: 1st Owner from New Serviced every 3 rides, air filter every ride D.R.D Pipe, Alloy bashplate, Cycra Stealth Handguards, standard pipe (never...
  9. P

    rod knock on my 4 stroke 250cc? (wall of text)

    Hello, i have a question, i have a Chinese bike a orion 250cc a 4 stroke air cooled engine. The factory that made it is ATV | Dirt Bike | Pit Bike | Electric Bike Manufacturer And Wholesaler-- China APOLLO/ORION/HYENG/HYENA Sports. and they dont want to send me a explosive view of the engine...
  10. F

    Atomik comp 250

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting one of these 2 bikes. The atomik comp 250: Comp 250cc - Competition Bike - Dirt Bike and the atomik fuse 250: Fuse 250cc - MX Bike - Dirt Bike Just wanted to see if anyone here owns one of these bikes or can shed some light on them as i cant seem...
  11. F

    Atomik Blitz 250 2010 model

    Hi guys, I know that the atomik blitz 250 is a cheap Chinese bike but i bought it for my dad to come for casual rides out bush with us (i own a rm 250 97 model) The atomik is running great with no problems. i have been right over the bike and checked everything its now done about 20 hours of...
  12. M


    Hey Guys, Am contemplating buying one of these off of Ebay. They going for around $990, does anyone have any experience with them. They're a 3/4 size 250. Cheers Mark
  13. O

    Zonsheng 250 2nd Gen

    Hey All, My sons bike has a Zongshen 250 in it and has no spark, after swapping the CDI, Rectifier, Solenoid and Coil testing all the wiring with a multimeter the last resort was to inspect the Stator. When i removed the stator it was encased in engine oil ???? is that right, should it not be...
  14. rivvs

    Atomik blitz help

    Hallo i want to buy a atomik blitz but i dont know were to buy one i live in quebec canada
  15. rivvs

    Crf250r 2010 for 1500$

    Hello on alibaba i can buy a crf250r for only 1500$ us .What do you think about this web site. Is that is true or false and this is the real crf or a fake
  16. rivvs

    atomik blitz 2011

    the atomik blitz since in 2008 it 3 year old.was when the next model with a more powerful engine?
  17. rivvs

    new xmotos 450cc dirt bike

    hello,is that someone knows this bike.it like a very good bike.this is the link to the description:XZ450R dirt bike - Detailed info for XZ450R dirt bike,450cc dirt bike,XZ450R dirt bike,XZ450R on Alibaba.com and another link with a second picture:450CC Motocross Model Xz450r-4 Valve - China...
  18. xxBRENTxx

    what plastics will fit this.

    i cant find anywhere that has plastics for the orion agb-30E 250cc/atomik pro x 250 does anybody know where to get them or any others that would fit it. thanks. here is a link to a picture Icebear - Orion-30E 250cc
  19. krazed0451

    Itentify Zongshen bike model

    Hi Guys, I was browsing Pickles auctions today and came across this... I was wondering if anyone could pinpoint the model and whether the plate I can see on the side of the frame in the pics is a compliance plate or not. If I can register this thing I'll probably go buy it for the GF to...
  20. KLR125

    ducar 250

    hey. just got a new crappy orion 250 its got a ducar motor. it goes well. time to change the oil though. anyone have a rough idea on how much oil these china 250 motors take. i know the 125's take around 800ml to 1 litre but i dont wanna go buy 1 litre oil then find its not...