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Mar 11, 2010
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Hi Guys,

I was browsing Pickles auctions today and came across this... I was wondering if anyone could pinpoint the model and whether the plate I can see on the side of the frame in the pics is a compliance plate or not.

If I can register this thing I'll probably go buy it for the GF to learn on :)

If not, I'll go buy it for the GF to learn on offroad :p

Any input appreciated guys, thanks in advance!

(It isn't a ZS250-5 as stated on the site...)
looks like a Atomik Kuda Pro or alike. Not sure if it is road registerable. No indicators etc, cant see compliance plate. Ckeck out Atomik's website.
Oh and that's not a compliance plate you can see, its a 'warning' plate (sign) lol
yeah, that is a good bike to ride and pretty comfy too

Sweet, I'm sure the missus will appreciate something a little more comfortable... Personally I'd ride a bucking bronco backwards through a hailstorm if someone strapped a couple of wheels on it ;)

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