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  1. A

    Motovert RX Engine swap

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 Motovert RX 125 with the original Jialing and it’s on it’s last legs soo it’s swap time.. I am looking at doing maybe the ZS 190 or something similar, but have a few questions before going ahead. What are the requirements to do the transplant, any cutting, fab work...
  2. Q


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/dKAA7dAjf6E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. T

    Coolster 125cc DB214S.. Dead

    Hello. I just joined, so if I do something wrong please let me know. A few months ago I purchased this bike: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EEJKR2O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 A few weeks ago the front gear sprocket threw off the chain, and "blew-up" a lot of things...
  4. velociraptor

    1999 Suzuki DS80X

    Built up engines for someone who liked to abuse the hell out of em and ended up doing a lot of repair work for him(crashing, ovverevving in 1st, low oil or no oil in gas, list goes on) in the end he had bought a badly beaten up. Ds80 for 800 dollars not running no fenders no airbox bent forks...
  5. motorman

    Atomik onboard as new Site Sponsor!!

    Hey All, It's with great pleasure I announce that Atomik have come onboard as a site sponsor. I know a lot of members have Atomik bikes so this is great news for the site and sport. Please welcome Andy and the team onboard. Nick
  6. my67xr

    Miniriders.com has a new Favicon (Favorite Icon)

    i don't know how many of you have noticed, but Miniriders now has a new Favicon. :clap: :congrats: look up in your browser tab, we have the MR Sprocket logo there now instead of the default one. i think it makes the site look more professional ! with some browsers you may need to...
  7. S

    2014 TDR PRO 125 noob build

    Well the bike came today. All seems pretty well in order.... Been through basically everything, will bleed the brakes tomorrow...the rear doesn't even really work :/ so it will need to be done. This is my major concern. There was a random spring washer in the bottom of the box...I thought oh...
  8. W

    GMX Sports ATV Quad Bike

    For more information about GMX Sports ATV Quad Bike, please visit http://www.gmxmotorbikes.com.au/atv-quad-bikes
  9. XXX-747

    spare time

    ok guys its no suprise thats its summer and very hot atm so its abit hard to do alot of riding tell us what your doin in your spare time?
  10. U

    please don't hurt me, Noob questions!

    Hey everyone! My names Matt and I hope to be on this forum for many years to come Basically got a couple of questions. I bought one of those $200 mini moto's off eBay that have those flames. You probably know the one. I got it on an ebay auction brand new for $162.50 Question 1)...
  11. my67xr

    Using the Miniriders website, for members old and new, a few helpful tips/hints/ideas

    Some general Miniriders User hints/tips etc, for members old and new. If you are new to Forums etc, i am posting up a few helpful hints/tips that you might need to know. when you start or reply to a thread here, you will see on the top left of the page. your Username, and Avatar picture to...
  12. my67xr

    Riding in South Australia , tell us where/when, it might make it easier to catch up with other membe

    i've started this thread, so if someone or a group of SA members here are heading out riding that day, or are planning to head out soon, that others may be able to organise a time/place and catch up together. i find that riding with other mini riders, is a lot more fun than going out with just...
  13. XXX-747

    KTM50SX copy, cheap and nasty but whats your thoughts

    ok guys im buyin this for my lil brother its pretty cheap I no but figured it would help him get started!! gotta love the nock off protaper's ;)
  14. my67xr

    for sale 2001 Honda XR400 R

    ITEM AND CONDITION: selling this on behalf of a good mate, HONDA XR400R, 7-2001 good used condition Recent new Michelin DOT Tyres Recent DID chain Recent Renthal Handlebars regularly serviced, valve adjusted, spark plug, air filter, oil etc currently not registered, but walk in rego...
  15. S

    How to wash an O'neal jersey???

    Hi, I have a toxic yellow/black element oneal jersey which has a few stains on it which look bad so I was wondering if there is a way to wash it without fading the graphics?Thanks.
  16. motorman

    Miniriders.com Graphics Kits First Impressions

    Hey All, Got some new Miniriders.com graphics for everyone to checkout. These are only a first batch so bear with us. Plenty more to come. :) This is going to be the official thread for all new kits so people can check them out. I know they ain't going to please everyone and like I said...
  17. S

    Get Sponsored!

    Are you sponsored? Check out what my 8 year old daughter got for her TTR 110 from getting a sponsorship through bikesponsors.com and decalkits.com.... Just go to bikesponsors.com and fill out the application and get sponsored. New Hand Guards - Video By Madeline B. - Part Sponsored By...
  18. C

    Engine Jerking At High Speed

    Hi.I have a dirt bike with loncin engine and it just worked fine for 1 year with no big problems...but my old spark plug broked so i bought new(not the same cause i couldnt get it) and now engine jerking at the high speed...top speed before was 95km/h now its around 50km/h...write any solution...
  19. C

    Someone please help with my bike (video included)

    Hey guys, I have a 110cc pit bike and my throttle broke, so I bought a new one online and installed it. Now when I start my bike this is what happens. (video below) What is wrong with my dirt bike? - YouTube Btw, when the bike starts and it revs, its not me using the throttle, the bike...
  20. F

    Atomik comp 250

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting one of these 2 bikes. The atomik comp 250: Comp 250cc - Competition Bike - Dirt Bike and the atomik fuse 250: Fuse 250cc - MX Bike - Dirt Bike Just wanted to see if anyone here owns one of these bikes or can shed some light on them as i cant seem...