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  1. tormentandglory


  2. Carlts

    Carlts LXR builds

    Well guys I have two LXRs on order, cheers to the Casey at DHZ for being a great help! I figured no one wants to see yet another LXR thread but I figured this would be a good place to post build progress, riding pics and all my questions. Will keep you guys updated with piccies as the bikes /...
  3. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2015

    Get Your votes in Jan/Feb FOTM is live! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align: left;"><div style="height:40px;line-height: 0;"><div style="color:rgb(20,20,20);background:#1382DA;width: 40px; height:40px;float:left;line-height...
  4. LEO DPRO 037

    Pitsterpro X3R

    Here are some pics of my new bike. Paid $350 as is. I plan on transplanting my new z160ho and oko 26 out of the dpro and onto this frame. Put my wheels and bars over etc. And return it to its former glory.
  5. D

    Wanting everyones thoughts please

    Hi Guys, Totally new to the scene of pitbikes and im about to make my first ever purchase, i went on to gumtree and have found a pitster pro 160cc bike wich is a 2011 model and has had only 11hours of riding on it, the owner is female and it was bought for her as a birthday present but she is...
  6. S

    Pitster Pro X2

    Anyone own a Pitster X2 and put a bigger rim on the front or rear? It has 1.4x12 on the front and 1.85x10 on the rear and I'd prefer to have 14" front and a 12" rear. Do I have the clearance?
  7. Carlts

    WTB: Parts for the build

    Hey guys, as you probably know me and my bro are working on a build at present. Started its life as a PSTO tl140, but it is now going places ;) We are needing some parts for the build as we go, so I thought I would just chuck everything I can think of in this thread. WANTED: Oil Cooler (for...
  8. Carlts

    WTB: Linkage Swingarm (LXR, Mojo, PSTO, etc)

    WANTED: Linkage swingarm for the PSTO. Something like an LXR, Motovert or PSTO TL160 swinger. CONDITION: New, or great condition. I have a steel one at present and want to upgrade to an alloy one like links below...
  9. Carlts

    FS: 17/14 wheels, Molkt carb, + more

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Pro Tapers SE $40 SOLD -Good condition, 8 hours use, straight 2. YX160cc $100 SOLD -No side casings, good compression, kicks over, owner said clutch wasn't working Head inspected and is looking in good nick, No teeth missing on gears (refer to pics)...
  10. Reight

    Rockers very clicky/noisy

    Hi guys, maybe someone can shed some light my problem, i'm replacing my Pitster Pro z160HO with a new one, i figured while i was at it i'd throw in a 64mm TB barrel and piston. So the starting point of this adventure is 1: Virgin engine, fresh outta the box, no running in at all. 2: TB...
  11. J

    Help! Fair price for Pitster pro LXR 160?

    I need to sell a lightly used, bone stock(except grade 8 bolts around motor and frame and new rk chain) perfect condition, 2010 LXR that has been adult ridden and never raced! What is a fair asking price? Thanks
  12. aitken

    THE NEW 155Z CAN GET F@&ked 4 motors down!

    THE NEW 155Z is a joke 4 motors down not even 5 hours on the bike plz delete this post thankyou :)
  13. grnman

    4 valve Takegawa +R New

    have you guys seen what Takegawa are putting out now? post some comments on what you think. http://www.takegawa.co.jp/2008_takegawa/top_img/ibent/ksr4v_web.pdf
  14. I_THUMP

    The 2009 Miniriders Video Competition. . . . Closed

    Here we go miniriders, this is the entry thread for the Video competition so post up all your vids here. Ken from DHZ and Pitster Pro Australia is going to award the winner with a $100 voucher to spend in any of his online stores. You can use the voucher on small items or you can use it as...
  15. I_THUMP

    DHZ and Pitster Pro present The Miniriders Christmas Competitions

    Since Christmas is rapidly approaching we thought we would run a couple of competitions for all our members to get involved in. Ken from DHZ and Pitster Pro Australia is going to award the winner of each competition with a $100 voucher to spend in any of his online stores. You can use the...