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  1. JamoHado574

    Wanted Top Fork Plate

    I'm in need of a Top Fork Plate to suit a 2009 crf70 with standard forks, if anyone has something that will fit let me know. I will be using bmx bars on it. Thanks.....J-Bomb.....
  2. S

    How is the timing set on DS80 - 1995

    Hi I am working on a 1995 DS80 for a buddy. Can anyone explain how the ignition timing is set on this bike? I see a small arrow on the crankcase, but is this supposed to correspond to a mark on the magneto plate? The magneto plate has slots and looks like it is rotated clockwise...
  3. N

    1978 Yamaha GT80 Frame C/W Compliance Plate

    WANTED: 1978 Yamaha GT80 Frame C/W compliance plate CONDITION: Minimal rust and good condition paint work PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Seeing the condition I will make and offer LOCATION: East Maitland NSW EXTRA INFORMATION: Must have compliance plate, I want to register this bike...
  4. Rizzo97

    Squeaky front end?

    Hey everyone, I got a new pair of triple clamps in the mail today because my old ones were about t crack apart and weren't the right size for the forks (45mm 45mm top and bottom ) I needed 48 for the bottom and 43 for the top. Anyway.. I've assembled them on the frame leaving the top plate off...
  5. S

    No spark, YX140

    my yx140 stopped sparking so I changed the plug and still nothing so I put a new stator plate and flywheel/ wiring loom/cdi/ coil and still cant get a spark could any body tell me what wires go to what please? stator plate wires cdi wires any help would be great
  6. Carlts

    WTB: Parts for the build

    Hey guys, as you probably know me and my bro are working on a build at present. Started its life as a PSTO tl140, but it is now going places ;) We are needing some parts for the build as we go, so I thought I would just chuck everything I can think of in this thread. WANTED: Oil Cooler (for...
  7. dunny29er

    Crf70 style plastics

    Hi guys does anyone know where i can just buy the number plates (in white) not the hole plastics kit Thanks