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  1. S

    Help Daytona 150FDX 4v Keihin PE 28mm jetting

    I just bought my first pit bike and want to set up supermoto style for my local track a high speed kart track. Bike is a Pirahna Daytona 150 4v (N-1-2-3-4 shifting). I bought the bike from sea level and I live in Colorado at 5280 feet elevation. The thing really comes off weak on the power...
  2. J

    can i get more power out of my old bike or do i get a new one

    Hi, I have a mxb 125cc pitbike, I have had it for about 2/3 years now and stills work perfect never had a problem with it, I am in 2 minds weather to keep it what would you recommend to do to get more power out of it please say why and if you have any proof of it giving more power (top speed/...
  3. H

    140-150 or bigger big bore kit for 125 lifan motor

    hellllo so i have a stock 125cc lifan engine on my pitbike. i want a little more power out of it because im making it a little stunt bike to play around with. i heard that theres this thing call big bore kit, which increases the cc making the engine have a bit more power. Could this damage my...
  4. M

    very loud and bogging :/

    ok guys so heres where I'm at, i can start my pit bike and it will run but its all of a sudden really loud (as in exhaust sound) and it has no power and bogs down heaps :/ any help would be much appreciated
  5. zipster1967

    Garage Sale special with one problem

    I just bought a pockletbike from a garage sale and it is a 49cc engine And after tinkering with it a biot I got it to start. The only problem I have is that there is no power to the wheel. If I rev it up with the rear tire off the ground it will spin but you can stop it with your hand. There...
  6. D

    Right Way to Check Oil level

    YouTube - ‪XR100 & CRF100 - The RIGHT way to Quickly check the oil level‬‏ The Right way to check oil level. Motul 300V oil makes power on the Dyno and it runs cooler .
  7. P


    HI all, I currently have a MSO 140cc that goes fantastic but its too small. Going to upgrade to a TTR125 but doesn't seem to have much grunt. What would i need to do to the TTR to give it more lower power Cheers