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  1. xLOCOx

    spark arrestor ?

    hey there again.... lol any way i need to have a spark arrestor for my pipe to pass regs :( anyway ... is it possible to make one? and what would i need? cheers loco
  2. PeakesMoto

    Help getting through regency

    this year as a year 12 research project i'm restoring an 1995 DT 175 which i bought for 500 bucks running, it has compliance plates, i know you need mirrors, indicators lights and all that but trying to this bike through regency or Lonsdale, is it going to be hard ? it didn't come with a...
  3. D

    Mso/mco question?

    Ok so theirs a big camp ground /riding place in my area and their rules say ur vehicle atv and bikes need to b registered tA ride their. Now to get it registered I need an Mso or mco and my pit bike is a super cheap china bike and have no idea how to get one anyone help?

    road reg???

    how would i go about full rego on a pit pro i have seen the motoverts regoed and riding in adelaide but my pit pro is not a motovert...... i have a stamp on my head stem - OFF ROAD could i replace a frame and try???? or what are my options ... custom compliance?? i dont know if any one knows any...
  5. V

    PERTH Offroad Vehicle Registration

    Hey everyone, Just got my PitPro 125RR and I really like it. I am wanting to take it out to Gnangara or one of the other designated offroad vehicle areas around Perth. I've read that you need to get OVR plates for the pitbike. Is this generally enforced in these areas? I went to Gnangara today...