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Aug 11, 2009
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this year as a year 12 research project i'm restoring an 1995 DT 175 which i bought for 500 bucks running, it has compliance plates, i know you need mirrors, indicators lights and all that but trying to this bike through regency or Lonsdale, is it going to be hard ?

it didn't come with a licence plate, i don't have any form of information that i actually own the bike like a receipt.
but at the end of my project the engine will be rebuilt, frame will be sand blasted, painted, rust gone and looking as good as a dt can look.

will i need a vehicle safety inspection or just an id check ?
Are the inspections usually pretty thorough ?
What can i do to maximize my chances of passing ?
how much does it all cost ?

any info will help cheeeeers ;)
does your bike have have a compliance plate?
are all the markings/details on it visible?
everything that was fitted, needs to be fitted and working, eg lights, horn, indicators, mirrors.
tyres need to be DOT type, (eg cant use- not for highway use)

it is illegal to remove a compliance plate from a frame, and refit it.
when the blasting is done, it may damage the stamped in frame number too.
then when Powdercoating it, the PC may fill in the numbers too...

make sure the bearings are all good and greased etc.

the inspection wont cost you anything at lonsdale or regency, it is purely an ID check.
they'll check the numbers etc, and give you the forms to take to EZY Reg.
then you pay for rego, and you get charged the $50 (from memory) for the inspection.
and walk out with rego, and a set of plates.

let us know how you go, start a rebuild thread too.

im definately interested in that bike, i have an1984 IT200 myself.
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yeah its got the compliance plate, the frame number is visible. i will be replacing all the bearings or re greasing them, top end rebuild and maybe a bottom end not sure yet.

will they have a problem with using aftermarket parts such as mirrors, indicators horn ?
I have already bought some ebay L.e.d indicators and also a horn, i dont know i just thought they might want to see all original parts

and for the rebuild thread, ill post up my project around september with it all complete, might have it in a video form not sure yet
you need to make sure lights and indicators are ADR compliant. alot of the led ones sold on fleebay are not.. you may run into trouble here.

I know when we sell a truck(2500/3500 chev) to an SA customer, we tell them NOT TO CHANGE a single item untill after going thru Regency Park.. Im under the impression its to be 'as it left the factory', or as it was complied to the compliance plate. I would highly suggest NOT fitting the LED indicators for the inspection.. just to be safe. Unless of course.. the hold an ADR compliance.. in which case.. you may still need to prove.
in SA we just have an engine number and chassis number check,
they dont look at anything else, unless there is something very dangerous and very obvious.
i watched a Mercedes go through in front of me, it had limo tint on the glass, a brake light out and a bald rear tyre.
and after me was a lowered drift spec silvia that passed too
the inspection officer told the guy to make sure he replaces the globe asap, as he handed him the paperwork to register it.
okay, wow seems like they really aren't that bad, i always hear stories about how hard it can be to get vehicles through regency. thanks heaps for your help man, if i went to lonsdale they would be able to give me a info sheet or something with all the info on it ?
it is a lot harder trying to get a defect off, everything needs to be spot on 100%.
and it gets checked head to toe, and inbetween.
same goes for registering something that's brand new, or custom built or a heavy vehicle.

anyway, if you ask at the counter they'll give you a form to fill in, then once you've filled in the required information,
you hand it back to them, and sit and wait till your name is called out.
then go grab your car or bike from the car park and bring it in.
normally takes about 10 minutes for them to check it all out and give you the form for motor reg.
sweet, thanks heaps !
not ready to register yet but when i do and i finish the bike i'll post up my projet :)
cheers man !
oh and you wouldent by anychance have any dt parts would you ?
nah sorry, i wouldn't mind a 90's DT200 for a daily rider though!
This sounds like an interesting build mate, remember to record this forum in your evidence part of the project. That part is a B***h. Definetly post a thread for the build. IF you want some ideas have a read through my KDX250 build below. I allways thought it was hard and expensive to get something registered but now I think I might rethink my build and try and get it road registered.
P.S. Have fun at school tomorrow.