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  1. Evilmonkey

    Anyone bought a revmx 160 lately?

    Hi everybody. Im new on here, been doing plenty of research on buying my first pit bike. The two options ive narrowed it down to is either a outlaw 160 or a revmx 160. While there is plenty of recent info on the outlaw(after 2012 posts), i havent been able to find much recent info on the...
  2. sean01

    Brake pad replacement (LXR,Cini,Revmx,Thumpsters)

    ok, been hearing a few cry's for help regarding replacing the rear brake pads on the above listed bikes (may cover other models too) ok this is pretty straight forward so here goes... some bikes may require the master removed from the frame too. just depends how long the brake line is...
  3. A

    Rear Brake Problems - RevMX 175

    Hey Guys, Please watch the below video to understand my problem. Sorry about it being on the side, stupid iphone and its recording abilities are not the best. dOgMeQv9fIE