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  1. J

    Motovert Rx headstem bearings (Help needed Please)

    Hey, Currently working on a Motovert rx125. I need to replace the tapered roller bearings in the head stem and cannot find where to buy any that will fit. The OD is 41mm and ID is 22mm for the top and 24mm for the bottom. The only bearings i could find with a 41mm OD were for a crf50 but...
  2. L

    Motovert RX Chain Guard for Rego

    Hi Guys! I have a Motovert RX and I just wanted to know how you guys got passed rego with/without the chain guard? I was a lucky person and got audited when I went for the identity check so there are now a few things that need to be fixed. Mine doesn't have one on there (besides the bottom fin)...
  3. motoluver

    Motovert engine conversion, YX150 into RX125

    Ive got a rx125 and its time to upgrade the motor. I like the yx150cc with the electric start and lighting coil from factory and i know a lot of people have fitted these. But i have also had problems trying to fit these in the past...
  4. motoluver

    New rx125, been out of the minibike game and need help

    Hey guys Ive been out of the pit bike game for around 4 years. I used to have a dhz140 and i bought a brand new RX50 in 2008 and put a lifan 140cc in it. Today i bought myself an immaculate motovert rx125 with 1000kms on the clock and completely original besides the mirrors, still has...
  5. H

    help with motovert rx125 plastics

    I have a motovert rx125, I know that the crf50 plastics fit it besides you need a crf70 rear fender.. to save the hasssle buying both do all the crf70 plastics fit the rx125 or just the rear fender...?
  6. fastR

    Motovert RX Parts

    Hoping some other RX owners can help me out with this or anyone else that has info... Just starting an RX build and I am missing a few parts to get her on the road. The main one being the bearings/bushes etc to attach the swing arm. I have read all the previous threads regarding this...