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  1. M

    Lifan 125cc no spark

    never mind, fixed it.
  2. K

    What model is my Kawasaki bike? No spark issue

    Hello everybody!! Just picked up a 70's Kawasaki bike. Any idea of what Year? Also, have a weird spark issue. No spark when kill switch is pressed, no spark when kill switch is NOT pressed. But DO have spark if i keep tapping the killswitch while kicking it over!?!?
  3. J

    need help with bike not running well. PBE 140

    hey, i Have a Pit boss empire 140. when i bought the bike second hand it ran well. i decided to drain and clean carby out due to slight hard to start issue. after cleaning the carry it started and ran well for a few days. now the bike is hard to start and backfires/pops and bogs down when...
  4. S

    No spark, YX140

    my yx140 stopped sparking so I changed the plug and still nothing so I put a new stator plate and flywheel/ wiring loom/cdi/ coil and still cant get a spark could any body tell me what wires go to what please? stator plate wires cdi wires any help would be great
  5. LuckyGirl

    Port Washington USA, 110cc Pitty for sale

    ITEM: 110cc Lifan Pit bike. CONDITION: Bought this used, not running, with no spark. Brand new rear shock, exhaust, CDI, wire harness, spark plug & wire, ignition stator, and flywheel. Basically everything electrical is brand new. Missing front brake. Rear brake is functional. It now runs...
  6. L

    got spark got fuel but wont start

    Got a mini dirt bike i have replaced with bare engine which only had to fit carb flywheel and clutch, i havr a spark and the carbs getting fuel but the bike wont fire all i get sometimes is the exhaust back firing but thats it, any ideas jets etc are all clean on carb
  7. Clinton3

    Plug Photos

    Hi Guys, I've got a Dirtmax Dominator 160cc with a bad kick back problem. I have already replaced the starter gears once. I just did my oil and found large amounts of metal stuck to the sump plug. (photos below) I think it is safe to say that these are starter gear teeth. If so, and the bike...
  8. P

    Friends pitbike wont spark

    So i whent over to my mates house yesterday and he had a pitbike sitting there he said he hadnt ridden it in almost a year cause it wasnt working so i ofered to fix it for him pulled the carb apart cleaned everything pushed it to the petrol station started 3rd kick but the next day we tried...
  9. hallzee

    Spark Plug Change

    how often should you change your plug?
  10. R

    spark plug drama

    This might sound crazy, but. My 110cc wont start, so ive taken out the spark plug and with it inserted into the lead and earthed up against the head it wont spark. However if i move it just slightly away from the head it does spark. I have tryed another plug and it does the same thing. Why wont...
  11. D

    NGK spark plug replacement

    hey im just wondering if there have been any posts on replacing a spark nd any tips. if not would someone please explain anything i need to know, mainly how tight to put it in. cheers.