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  1. L

    Motovert RX Chain Guard for Rego

    Hi Guys! I have a Motovert RX and I just wanted to know how you guys got passed rego with/without the chain guard? I was a lucky person and got audited when I went for the identity check so there are now a few things that need to be fixed. Mine doesn't have one on there (besides the bottom fin)...
  2. H

    help with motovert rx125 plastics

    I have a motovert rx125, I know that the crf50 plastics fit it besides you need a crf70 rear fender.. to save the hasssle buying both do all the crf70 plastics fit the rx125 or just the rear fender...?
  3. G

    3 phase lighting coil rectfier needed.

    Well I hit a new 160z and it comes with a 3 phase coil I'm looking for a new rectfier for it as it didn't come with one. Any ideas?
  4. B

    Braaap Street Superlite 125 ... Thoughts?

    Looky here peoples 125cc: First off, has anyone bought one or ridden one? This is probably the first street legal pitbike since Motovert's rx50 and rx125 (I could be wrong...) and these look like fun. I'll be...
  5. zwebx

    motovert rx 125/road legal bikes

    Hey fellas as most ya know im almost 18... do you know what that means.. i want a bike that can ride to the track and ride home.. without having to look over my shoulder for flashing blue and red lights ;) so i have a couple of questions about the motovert rx 1st off this is the deal breaker...
  6. D

    Road Registration & Compliance Plate

    I've been searching around for a few hours on the web now, so be gentle with me... Why can't a motorbike that is not fitted with compliance plate still apply for registration if it meets the inspection criterea? I live in South Australia, and I'm pretty sure that some people have built or...