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  1. Carlts

    Keihin PE28 Jetting for GPX155z with Big Bore and V2

    He guys, I finally bought a Keihin PE28 to go on my 155z with a V2 head and big bore kit. I've had no luck with the OKO 26mm and OKO 30mm, so here's hoping. My main question is what jetting should I go for? I've seen plenty about jetting for the 190 anima, but then again that has...
  2. Carlts

    Help: Installation of a TB Kit

    Hey Guys I am interested in learning how to rebuild/upgrade engines. I found a video here that shows pretty well how to install a tb 88 kit: The steps seem easy to follow and I reckon it makes the process seem actually possible now lol: Part 1 <iframe width="640" height="510"...
  3. U

    160HO with V2 head; OKO 26 carby jetting??

    Gents, Could any of you out there tell me what jetting/needle position your running on your OKO 26 with 160HO motor and V2 head? I'm having problem getting mine correct!
  4. PIMP50

    V2 heads

    Can i put a V2 head on a stock yx150 ?? will the piston hit the vavles or will it all be ok ? cheers fellas