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  1. G

    SSR 125cc Issues

    Hi guys, So I recently picked up 2 new pit bikes, one being an automatic electric start SSR 125. The previous owner said that the bike had been sitting for months before I got it so I did all the regular maintenance like cleaning the carb, changing the gas and oil, and putting in a new spark...
  2. M

    wont start

    Got a Chinese pitbike 110cc and I can't seem to get it to run... it has spark compression and the timing is setright... I have cleaned outthe carb 3 times and hve tried tuning it about 6 (resting needle clip) i have tried a lot of things and this is what I have found out... itwont start at all...
  3. allyboyz

    Running Hot

    Have a new Dpro 160 and just got a new oko26mm from dhz. put the carby on and its running really hot! any ideas what it could be? or if any one in sydney arounf the northern beaches would like to come have a look i'd really appreciate it. Also i'm just getting into mini bikes and every one has...
  4. J

    STOMP 110 HELP?????

    hi all who view this, i recently bought a Stomp 110, not sure which model etc.. only bought it for £50 as a fix up when i bought it 2 days ago it started up after quite a few kicks but then started on first kick when warm but it didnt idle yesterday i gave it a wash and noticed all the...
  5. L

    my z50

    hey everyone, i was wondering whether you guys could give me some advice. i have a honda z50j 1976 and i has been sitting in my garage for just under 5 years the other day i did a service on it i changed the oil, petrol,spark plug and i then cleaned out the carbi. then i attempted to start it...
  6. byh0005

    help needed desperate please

    i have recently bought a 1973 Kawasaki g5 and it wont start it has spark good compression fuel is getting in the carb because i can smell it in there and the hose has no blocks it just wont start i don't think fuel is getting into the cylinder please help BTW it is a 2 stroke any question don't...