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Mar 27, 2016
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Hi guys,
So I recently picked up 2 new pit bikes, one being an automatic electric start SSR 125. The previous owner said that the bike had been sitting for months before I got it so I did all the regular maintenance like cleaning the carb, changing the gas and oil, and putting in a new spark plug. After doing all this, there isn't even a spark anymore but I have compression. I was thinking about ordering all new electrical parts for the bike but if there's anything else that I could try, please let me know.



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Jul 29, 2010
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Welcome to Minirider's

Drop in and introduce yourself here and post up a pic or 2 of your bike's.

This thread has some tip's etc that might help you too.

Have a look at this thread, it has the reading to test your stator, coil, and plug lead etc

Cheer's, Craig


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Feb 9, 2009
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no spark...

try a different plug, preferably NGK.

black wire with white stripe...goes to killswitch. unplug it if possible.

make sure green wire and black/yellow are going to coil, and are on the right terminals.

may need a new CDI unit. no point in ordering parts willy nilly unless youre sure...what will you learn by doing that?

do a search and make sure the wiring hasnt been messed up by previous owner... from memory (its been a while...)

green or solid black is earth. make sure its got good contact to the frame/engine!

black/blue is trigger coil from engine... check the trigger coil in case as well. got a multimeter? (white/blue, black/blue...same thing... its the blue that counts!)
black/red is main CDI charge from engine.

black/yellow goes to spark coil, mounted on frame. as well as a green wire, if its a two pin coil...

some coils have to be bolted to the frame to earth properly. bit of sandpaper, get rid of any rust/paint/oil.

black/white is kill, just make sure it isnt earthed for now. ie, earthing it kills the spark.

two yellow wires, or yellow and white wires...ignore for now, they charge the battery.

they do not need a battery to start... (as long as it has a kickstarter :p)

any other colours, purple, light green, etc...all unimportant. neutral and gear indicators. tape them off.

and, just make sure the flywheel is keyed to the crankshaft, if its wont get far. poke screwdriver down the plughole, gently turn it over so you know its at TDC, and make sure the mark on flywheel is lining up with mark in the case.
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