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  1. B

    SSR 125 Reviews/ Thoughts?

    I'm looking to get a 2017 SSR 125. Currently own a 2011 Pitster Pro 125 with a motor swap from a 2006 Pitster Pro 125. Still working on fixin a couple problems that came with the swap but their nothing serious. I've seen that a lot of people have SSRs. I just want to see what other people think...
  2. G

    SSR 125cc Issues

    Hi guys, So I recently picked up 2 new pit bikes, one being an automatic electric start SSR 125. The previous owner said that the bike had been sitting for months before I got it so I did all the regular maintenance like cleaning the carb, changing the gas and oil, and putting in a new spark...
  3. criggs

    SSR 125 budget bike

    Hey guys, I recently came across a pair of pit bikes on Craigslist while searching for a cheap, small bike to teach my little sisters on. Originally I was opposed to pit bikes, mostly because they aren't quite intended for learning on. Then, I found an ad that had two for sale at 250 for the...
  4. R

    SSR 125cc wont start!

    My SSR 125cc pit bike wont start. It has Spark, Compression, everything it needs to start. It started and i rode it a little bit then i washed it off because it was dirty and now it wont start. My carb was broken so i ordered a new one. Please help
  5. S

    Opinions on CDI and Coil

    Looking for your guys opinions and performance gain on and SSR 125SR i was reading thru >>>Performance upgrades guidelines: Stage I-III<<< and it says to switch CDI to a race one but which one ,any preferences on which is better then the other one and for the coils same thing , im trying to use...
  6. killa pitpro

    kitaco inner rotor kit

    would a kitaco inner rotor kit fit in a pitsterpro 155z engine?
  7. A

    Better CDI/Coil but which one?

    So I have the 09 PitPro 140XR, Changed out the spark plug to a good NGK one, but am looking to upgrade the CDI/Coil lead aswell as get an inner rotor kit. There is so many to choose from.. but the question is which is the best?? Some friends run a "SpitFire" car lead... but dont know...
  8. 1

    Ignition coil advice ?

    hey peeps i have just put a new racing cdi on my bike and have been doing a bit of research and i hear that a better coil can compliment your cdi making a bit of a differnce in preformance but i im a bit of a kook when it comes to the mechanics side of my bike can are coils a standrad fit thing...
  9. U

    Irk, ork, cdi, tdc, coil!?!?!?!

    Hey! I have a IRK (Inner Rotor Kit) fitted on my 140 Linfan engine. I use the bike for motarding so the IRK should be the bees knee! It have been running fine (I think!) I don't know how to adjust correctly so have just adjusted it until it started easy and ran sorta okay! It now seems that...
  10. j32x

    Monster Coil CRF50

    Hi All I couldn't find any info on this so I hope somone knows or has tried this before. I have a CRF50 with 88 kit and have noticed that my throttle response is not the greatest. It somtimes is smooth and then other times it cuts in and out when i really give it to it. I have a Takegawa cdi...
  11. steve101

    75cc kit for crf

    hey guys just got my 09 and wanted just that little bit more power dont want an 88 kit just want that touch more pull up hills and stuff so has any body had any experience with these kits the kitaco one and would i need clutch springs and with the stock pipe will it still sound like a stocker...
  12. M

    Kitaco or.....

    those blue hi rev cdi's you see on ebay. they seem like they both do the same job and at the same performance. what do u guys think. they both plug into most pit bikes in the chinese market. opinions people. i like to see what you guys think. lets create a discussion! :cool: peace
  13. pitproxr

    kitaco clone irk

    hey im lookin at some irk's and found this one on ebay for $99 KITACO CLONE INNER ROTOR 4 PIECE KIT 4 pitbike - eBay Other Makes, Bikes, Motorcycle Parts, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 11-Dec-07 09:32:45 AEDST) tellus what you think and if its trustworthy cos its a copy
  14. N

    Kitaco Coil and Cdi

    i just ordered a kitaco supercoil the other day and hopefully it will fix my cutting out in high rpm but if thats not the problem then my cdi tht came with my irk is rooted so will any high rev cdi work with the irk aslong as i have a cdi harness to fit the irk? thanks
  15. kaneo

    kitaco clone IR kit REV LIMIT?

    Does anyone know if you can cancel or increase the rev limiter on the Kitaco clone IR kits. My 140 lifan doesnt rev as hard now its got the kit fitted as when it had the old magneto. Anyone else noticed this?:confused: Sure it goes harder down low but it doesnt go as fast top end as it is...
  16. jazle

    Igniton coil upgrade

    I am wanting to do some engine mods to my bike and wondering if the ignition coil is the best upgrade for the money or is there a better upgrade i can do to my engine i am looking at spending no more than $300 i have a 125 cc ducar engine. i was going to put a Lifan 140cc in but now i know it...
  17. P

    High Comp ? Z50 75cc kitaco kit

    hey gang , i was a little boared today so i put on my kitaco 75cc piston and barrel. ;) marked 49cc. look at the forge !!! mind you that i have put no gaskets and will not stick out as far when fully assembled. im wondering how much comression it will have.
  18. honda50s

    75cc big bore kit

    hello peeps just an update on my bike, i installed the kitaco 75cc big bore kit. it rips a stock 50:D . has loads more talk. not as much as the 88cc limited kits and stuff:( . but it sure makes a difference:) . next up is a uni filter. then a cam, exhaust and maybe a carb. so if you want more...
  19. honda50s

    kitaco 75cc bb kit?

    i want to get a big bore kit in these school holidays and can only afford a kitaco 75cc kit. what are peoples thoughts on these kits? are they powerful? do they go well with a stock honda 13mm carb?