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Jul 28, 2009
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hey peeps i have just put a new racing cdi on my bike and have been doing a bit of research and i hear that a better coil can compliment your cdi making a bit of a differnce in preformance but i im a bit of a kook when it comes to the mechanics side of my bike can are coils a standrad fit thing like bikes and cars and if you guys have done this what are you guys using ?? thanks
ps im not spending a skrillion dollars on 1 cause of insufficient funds
what bike is it for?
0z have a super coil that would go good with your race cdi unit
i think there around 90 bucks
yer pretty sure that coil would work but i would double check tho
thanks for your help is that ozminis your talking about yea thats what im after some help on if you need a certain type for certain bikes or what ever thanks for your help man any1 else shed some light on fitting say car ones ive heard you can
you can get hi spark coils for half that price, i got mine for $15 and works great on my china, , and yer i seen some one fit a car coil on, it was like gt and some numbers not sure but they said it worked great, search it tho, it was a member on here
^^^^ that coil used, was a GT40R.... It's an oldschool coil used mostly on old points-style ignitions. It throws a higher voltage, higher temp and longer duration spark.

something like the below links from ebay should help you out.
Racing coil pack with lead and NGK spark plug cover - eBay, Other Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 11-Aug-09 22:34:52 AEST)
Brand New PERFOMANCE coil 125cc 140cc - eBay, Other Cars, Bikes, Boats, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 13-Aug-09 06:45:20 AEST)