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  1. Luke918273

    Anyone still into pit bikes/minis

    It seems throughout the years the scene has faded? Or is it just me? My new build at the moment
  2. M

    Slam MXR 160

    I've recently bought a Slam MXR 160 (YX 160 engine) and think it's quite sluggish more like a 140, I think it's got a mikuni 30mm on it, but the cheap one with the flap switch choke it's like 20 quid on eBay I think it's what it comes with from new this may be the culprit, what's a good carb or...
  3. C

    yx150 stator issues. postie.

    Ok so ive been building a postie bike for a little while now and i have installed a yx150 engine from a ciniworx 150. Install went well everything ran just fine, but the engine didnt have a charging/lighting circuit. So i bought what i thought was the appropriate magnito/stator off ebay. When i...
  4. my67xr

    Daytona Anima 190 F FDX FLX, Zongshen 155Z , Yinxiang YX150 YX160 Clutch Basket repair

    an engine i worked on had a lot of rubber in the oil filter strainer down the front/bottom of the r/h engine case so i thought i had better check the clutch basket. it looked ok, but when i held the alloy basket, i could move the gear on the back forwads and backwards. that shouldn't happen...
  5. T

    YX 150, hole in head ?

    Hi I recently bought an YX150 engine and...There is a small hole near intake manifold. Can anyone explain what it? I'm puzzled?
  6. U

    wtb yx 150 center case

    WANTED: Wtb center case for yx150 , just a r/h one ? CONDITION: PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: LOCATION: EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: via posting here or PM asap thanks
  7. Y

    pe28 on yx150

    I have a yx150 just waiting on the rubber adaptor to fit it currently have jets 40/100 how do you think it will run bit lean ?
  8. Y

    yx150 cam

    Hey guys new here just wondering if lifan 140 cam will fit in a yx150 head ??? Not after why or blah blah just if it will cheers
  9. D

    Shimming transmission/gearbox and clutch, YX160

    Is there anyone here that can explain how to shim a box, where to shim and shimming the clutch basket in easy terms to understand. I carnt seem to find much info on this seems like some people know a bit on this but don't put it up on the web. I'm just putting a new gear set in my yx160 and I...
  10. D

    Will Tb 2v race head fit on z155?

    Wanna know if my tb head off my yx160 fit a pitster pro z155?
  11. D

    yx140 cam issues, anti kickback

    I just put a head back on my engine after I have reseated the valves and put in new piston and rings after a quick hone of the bore. Put it all back together and I have 0 compression. There is no leaks through new head gasket and head bolts are tight. So what is it? My thoughts are on the...
  12. D

    Diffrent engine cases

    Hey all I gotta get a new LHS engine case for me yx 160. Anyone know if there's differences in them? I read a post in hear a while back where someone got a new one and put the motor back together and had shifting problems. What I remember is it came down to a casing mismatch. Anyone shine some...
  13. gottagetacheaperhobby

    NGK Coil

    Racing NGK Ignition Coil Pack 110cc 125cc 150cc 250cc ATV PIT PRO Dirt Quad Bike | eBay is it a legitimate ngk and would it need a splitfire lead as well?
  14. J

    YX160 160CC out to 184cc, big bore kit

    Could someone plz explain how I go about stroking my 160 to 184 what do I exactly need to do so?
  15. H

    Pitpro 125 struggling after new stator plate! Hellp!!

    Hey guys, So my chain flew off on my lifan 125 and snapped the pulse sensor off. So I bought a new stator plate. It seemed to be exactly the same except the sensor was a tiny bit closer to the flywheel and I had to grind about half a mil off the 'nib' of flywheel so it wouldn't hit when it...
  16. T

    What type of stator does a 155 engine use?

    Do they use irk, ork, or a regular stator? I ask this because I was on pitbikeclub's website and I asked this question. They said that I can put a 155cc stator on 125cc engine to give my bike better throttle response.
  17. T

    Are there such things as a performance stator?

    Can you replace a stock bike with a new stator and because of that new stator it has better throttle response/acceleration? Like are there "performance" stators and flywheels? and I dont mean and ORK or IRK.
  18. my67xr

    Eliminating side play in your shift drum ZS155 shown, but should work on most horizontal engines

  19. GenuineThumpy

    Performance Magneto/Stator

    Hi guys New to the forum, have a problem with my genuine thumpstar engine, i recently replaced the stock magneto with one of those performance magnetos off ebay, but i cannot for the life of me get spark. ive replaced the coil, spark plug, and try every possible combination of wiring here...
  20. Anthonyburris

    Lifan stator

    Bought an aftermarket stator/flywheel and all on eBay (link below). Swapped it into my lifan 110cc no problem, accept for the wiring... Has anyone done such a swap? Do I need to buy a new harness all together? Does anyone have a diagram for this stator, or know what colors match up? I've always...