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Nov 25, 2006
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i just ordered a kitaco supercoil
the other day and hopefully
it will fix my cutting out in high rpm
but if thats not the problem
then my cdi tht came with my irk
is rooted so will any high rev cdi work
with the irk aslong as i have a cdi harness
to fit the irk?

Interesting question, i've tried this in the past and never was able to get it to work. After talking to a few people they led me to believe that the 'std' cdi and the high rev cdi's use different voltage (or something) there for they arn't interchangable.
you cant use a high rev, "speeding cdi" with a irk, ive got a spare irk cdi if you need a new one
oh shit aye
i hope the new coil fixes my problem
cuz it only started when i put the irk in.
but if it doesnt then my cdi is prolly
no good then.
hey tubes how much do u want for the
thats smart to buy a Kitaco coil before checking the lol lol
lol i was planning on getting
it anyway so i might as well
get it now rather than later.

is there anyway to check if the cdi is
no good?
because it starts up and runs
but only starts playing up
when u hit a certain rpm point