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Mar 17, 2012
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hi all who view this, i recently bought a Stomp 110, not sure which model etc..
only bought it for £50 as a fix up

when i bought it 2 days ago it started up after quite a few kicks but then started on first kick when warm but it didnt idle

yesterday i gave it a wash and noticed all the wires were wripped apart and twisted back together and its a right mess. left them as they were and tried to start it again but it just wouldnt turn over.

this is my first pit bike so i only have a rough idea of how the engine works/wires up etc thats why im posting in here. ive seen a few old threads from a few years back with wiring diagrams from the engine to CDI and have followed these steps to wiring it back up the correct way but still no joy. (after following the diagrams i still have loads of wires left un connected, including what looks like battery wires)

i was wondering if anyone could point out any things i could try to get the bike started again..

it has fresh fuel, and ive cleaned the carb.

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