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Oct 13, 2009
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Cranbourne East
Need some more advice again!

Whats better for motard, Extended DHZ crf50 style frame or a KLX frame (Same style as Pit Pro)

They would both have:
DNM Hornet forks
DNM fully adjustable rear shock
YX150 (Worked)
Motard trim

I want everyone's opinion except people that ride them on dirt. because it is completely different...
CRF... as I explained before... slightly taller bike = more skill required with leaning hard in to tight corners! Crf50 all the way !
With all road going sports, shorter wheel base = faster cornering... But longer wheel base = more stable in a straight line.

But with bigger size bikes (klx, crf70, ttr) you aren't as crouched down so you can move around better and quicker, and ride it more like a road bike or real tard.
id go crf70, little taller for comfort and little longer for stability..
also you have more room under the tank for carby positioning and extra's like overflow bottles and catch cans..
Following what sean has said, look at where the foot pegs are. You want them to be higher than the axles at least. But it seems with the revmx the pegs might not spring up as much? So it may become a problem when you start peg sliding
there are cr70 style chinas around not sure how good they are but if your upgrading the suspension and engine then it might be a good choice for ya!
Yeah I agree with sean too! I think crf just has it worked out... going 70 gives you that extra room/height you are after.
Where could i get a CRF70 frame from? and would i have to change my rear shock (DNM 280mm)
wouldnt you want your weight closer to the ground? not jacked up like a MX bike. why do they lower cars. if the bike is taller then it actually is a longer distance to move around the bike to change direction from one side to the other and your arse isnt as close to the ground.
klx plastics stick out pretty wide too. i've ridden both (not motard though) and crf feels way better

can i ask what klx style you rode??

my klx (x4r) feels 10 times better then any crf i have ridden

but i think it comes down to preference really its like why people choose to ride stock 50s over a midsize its really what you feel comfortable on

i really cant imagine there is any right or wrong answer to this
Your right PBK their is no right or wrong. Just wanted to see peoples views and if their was any technical terms for this stuff. I liked the KLX more in the way that it was a little bigger and could move around it more comfortably, although i wouldnt change style just for that reason. Performance is the main reason...
I have had both as tard bikes and my preference is klx for the dirt and crf for tard. The reason for this is that the crf is usually a smaller bike and it is a little easyer to get it to turn in on the tighter tracks, I prefer the klx in the dirt as it allows me to move around a bit more due to the "more room in the office" feel. But as you have already stated there is no definitive right or wrong just personal preferences. But having said all that 99% of the quickest tard bikes are crf based.